Where To Find Merchants in Palworld

Palworld Black Marketeer Merchant
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Some humans in Palworld only like to sit by the fire, some enjoy the prospects of Pal hunting, and some are involved in trading. The latter broadly applies to the many merchants within the Palpagos Islands. From the Pal Merchant and Black Marketeers with their guillotines to the Wandering Merchants and their ever-changing wares, the traders are always looking to conduct business.

However, where can players find these particular human NPCs in Palworld? We know they deal in Gold Coins and can accept rare materials, yet they don’t have any icons on the map. Therefore, players must rely on familiar locations to meet with a merchant or two offering different products. While there are many vendors across the Palpagos Islands, we’ll refer to a few promising spots you can visit while playing Palworld.

Where To Find Merchants in Palworld

Palworld Sell Pals with Merchant
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Palworld merchants vary from the Black Markeeter to the Pal and the Wandering variants, with the latter being usually stationed together at a settlement. Black Marketeers tend to work on their own, though there are a couple that work close to a regular Palworld merchant.

Pal and Wandering Merchants

We’ll focus first on the Pal and Wandering Merchants. Pal traders wear blue, while Wandering vendors don red and green outfits. In truth, all of these outfits are the same, just with different colors.

Here’s the list of locations where these traders work:

  • Small Settlement – Southwest of the Windswept Hills area, west of the resting bones south of the Grassy Behemoth Hills.
  • Fisherman’s Point – Far south of Mount Obsidian, along the beach, bottom left of the map.
  • Forgotten Island Church Ruins – Northeast on the Forgotten Island, along the shore, adjacent to the Ice Wind Island.
  • Marsh Island Church Ruins – On the northeast islet of Marsh Island, southeast of the map.
  • Duneshelter – Part of the Dessicated Desert.
  • Sea Breeze Archipelago – Along the coastlines of the Archipelago, stationed at different spots south of the Small Cove.
Palworld Small Settlement on Map
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Black Marketeers

Black Marketeers tend to operate independently, yet a merchant can sometimes be seen near their location. These big-bellied executioners deal in contraband, and they’re typically found in these areas:

  • Beach of Everlasting Summer – South of the fast travel point, at the north corner of the beach.
  • Ruined Fortress City – West of the broken city, far north of Mount Obsidian.
  • Windswept Hills (3) – The south yellow tip of the area; east to the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings; within the Abandoned Mineshaft, west of the Desolate Church.
  • Eastern Wild Island – On a rocky patch of the island, west of the named travel point.
  • Astral Mountains (2) – South of the mountains, northwest of the IOcy Weasel Hill fast travel spot; far east of the mountains, on the edge of the area where grass is present.
  • Desiccated Desert (2) – Within the Secret Mineshaft; within the Duneshelter.
Palworld Beach of Everlasting Summer Map
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These human NPCs constantly switch up their inventories, allowing the players to check out new items whenever they visit. For this reason, players might want to capture a couple of them for your base in Palworld. Deploying them at one of your headquarters permits them to open their shop despite losing their freedom. Gold Coins are still the trade, yet you won’t have to go out of your way now.


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