PAX East 2024 – Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland Is Made For Fans By Fans

Rugrats Adventures in Gameland HD
Image Credit: The MIX Games.

I stopped by the Limited Run Games booth at PAX East to chat with Tomas Guinan about Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland. Due to its influences from classics such as Mario 2 and the Mega Man games, I was excited to pick Guinan’s brain. 

One thing that immediately stands out is how hands-off Paramount was during the two-year development. Guinan says that Paramount gave the team at The MIX Games plenty of freedom to make the game however they’d like. There was just one rule: stick with the character style guide from Paramount. Given the legacy of the Rugrats brand, this wasn’t going to be a problem. One thing that coincides with the Rugrats legacy is the inclusion of Jewish heritage. 


Guinan specifically mentioned the episode “A Rugrats Chanukah,” where Grandma Minka reads a book about the meaning of the holiday to the kids. In typical Rugrats fashion, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil imagine themselves as the characters while playing and using their imagination. After our chat, I got some hands-on time with the game. During my session, it was easy to realize how much the team absolutely loves the Rugrats IP.

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland Is A True Throwback To The 90s

The four original babies are available to play: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil. As you’d expect, they all have different stats. Some can jump higher, while others are more capable of lifting heavier objects. It plays directly into the old-school platforming formula. During our two-player co-op mode, I started as Chuckie, who has the highest jump but lowest lift ratings. Chuckie’s jump reminded me so much of Luigi’s jump, especially how he hung in the air by kicking his legs like he was running.

Gameplay will feel familiar for those well-versed in old-school platformers. Enemies and levels are all callbacks to episodes from the series. We were in an Egyptian-looking level with Angelica’s head on the Sphinx. In fact, the whole level references the episode “Passover.” At the end of the level, you face your first boss, “Big Boy” Pickles. Yes, that scary giant baby from the episode “Angelica’s Worst Nightmare.” The cute platformer brought out this wretched fiend, and I flinched a little. 

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland Visual Styles, Both 8-Bit and HD, Are Impressive

Given the game’s inspirations, it shouldn’t be surprising that Rugarts: Adventures in Gameland’s development began in 8-bit on an Evercade system. The game’s 8-bit graphical mode looks like the game is straight out of the NES era. These 8-bit graphics look fantastic, but the real shock was when we toggled to HD visuals halfway through the level. We were truly blown away. It looked like you were playing an episode of the show if it were made in modern times, with beautifully hand-drawn graphics.

Rugrats Adventures in Gameland 8 Bit
Image Credit: The MIX Games.

Switching from 8-bit to HD graphics on the fly was super impressive. They look like two different games, but they play the same. It is impressive what WALLRIDE Games and The MIX Games could do with all the limitations of the NES hardware. 

Additionally, there are also two different soundtracks that can be switched at any time, just like the visuals. The presentation of this game alone should make you fall in love with Rugrats all over again. Fans of classic platformers should keep an eye on this. Mario fans might have something to hold them over for a while. I’d say the same for Megaman, but Capcom forgets about our blue bomber.

A Physical Release of Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland Is Planned Thanks to Limited Run Games

The partnership with Limited Run Games is helping bring multiple physical editions. Physical editions for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X, and even NES. You can get a gray NES cartridge or an orange cartridge. Yes, the same orange from the Rugrats VHS movie. If that’s not a true love letter to Rugrats lore, I don’t know what is.

Pre-orders are open until April 21st, 2024. The physical versions are in pre-production and will not ship until February 2025. As for digital versions, which include a PC release through Steam, the game will be released sometime this year.

Written by Mikey Yaden

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