PAX East 2024 – A Look at the Demonic Devotion of Sorry We’re Closed

Sorry We’re Closed
Image Credit: Akupara Games.

Are you looking for a video game with PlayStation 1 graphics, striking art design, and a queer demon who’s a level-five clinger? Look no further. Sorry We’re Closed checks every box and scratches that nostalgic horror survival itch.

Grotesque creatures and ever-changing camera angles are not in short supply in this love letter to Silent Hill and other early horror genre favorites.

Sorry We’re Closed Is A Beautiful Throwback to PS1 Survival Horror Games

You play as Michelle, a stylish and heartbroken woman still pining over an ex-girlfriend of three years. One sleepless night, she’s visited by a twisted demon who longs to be loved and worshiped. Michelle refuses the demon’s advances, putting herself on the receiving end of a curse. Now equipped with a third eye, she can open the area around her to see into a different world.

Nostalgia hit me like a truck when I began navigating the gritty and nightmarish landscape. Surprisingly, the gameplay firmly stands on its own as a unique and exciting experience. Instead of relying on old-school PS1 nostalgia, Sorry We’re Closed holds up on its own. One thing that stands out is your newfound third eye. Using it to open a portal allows you to stun the creatures, giving you time to shoot different points on its body to take them out quickly.

Sorry We’re Closed
Image Credit: Akupara Games.

The weapons are beautifully designed and feature incredible detail, including a hellhound pistol that growls with each reload. It took me very little time to get the hang of how combat worked, which allowed me to take in my surroundings and explore this beautiful piece of art.

Sorry We’re Closed Is Oozing With Style

I was excited to learn that the developers of Sorry We’re Closed are a couple. C.B. handles the story, music, and gorgeous artwork and models, while Tom codes and helps with dialogue. These two are a force to be reckoned with and are brimming with talent. Everything about this game makes me feel seen. Their ability to seemingly reach into my soul and pull out something that contains everything I love is remarkable. I know I’m not the only one who feels this connection.

Although I could only play the demo, it’s evident that this game is full of fantastic characters with rich and diverse backgrounds. Initially, I was drawn to Sorry We’re Closed based solely on the art style. To learn that it has heavy LGBT elements was the cherry on top. I don’t know if it’s in our DNA, but the gays eat up horror.

Sorry We’re Closed is slated to release this year, and the demo is currently available on Steam. I highly recommend playing it and dipping your toes into the game. It promises to disturb and entice us into a complicated relationship with a persistent, love-starved demon.

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