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Persona 5 Royal Jazz Club | How to Unlock

Persona 5 Royal Jazz Club

If you have been playing Persona 5 Royalyou probably have seen the Jazz Jin Club and wondered, “what is that?” The Jazz Jin Club is a location similar in purpose to that of the Bathhouse, in that they both can provide players with helpful stat boosts. However, with the Jazz Club, it is deeply tied to some of the player’s Confidants. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock the Persona 5 Royal Jazz Club.

How To Unlock The Jazz Club 

Persona 5 Royal Jazz Club

To unlock the Jazz Club in Persona 5 Royal, players must reach a Level 4 bond with the Justice Confidant Goro Akechi. Once you’ve reached the level, players must wait until June 26 in-game, as this is the earliest the club can unlock.

Once the club is unlocked, the player will have to pay an entrance fee of three Yen before they can enter. When you’ve finally made it inside of the club, players will be able to gain a variety of stat boosts by ordering cocktails from the bar. 

For example, if the player ordered a Magic Fizz on Thursday, it will give them a boost of +1 to Magic, Speed, and Luck. However, the cocktails will vary depending on the day that you visit, so you’ll need to be wise about when you visit and what you order.

Below is the full list of all the cocktails available at the Jazz Club in Persona 5 Royal and the days they are available.

  • Level Upper Body: One level up and +20 HP (Monday)
  • Power Fizz: +1 to Strength, Endurance, Luck (Tuesday)
  • Level Upper Soul: One level up and +10 to SP (Wednesday)
  • All Fizz: +1 to Strength, Magic, Endurance, Speed, Luck and +10 to HP, +5 to SP (Friday)
  • Original Cocktail: Ally Personas learn new skills (Sunday)

The effects of the cocktails can also be increased when a particular singer is at the club performing on various days of different months. Lastly, players can also receive new skills for their Confidants’ Personas by drinking the original cocktail on various days throughout the game.

We highly recommend that players take the time to unlock the Jazz Club and visit it so that they can receive their stat boost. So, now that you know how to unlock the Jazz Club, what’s stopping you?

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Written by Andrew Smith