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Rainbow Six Extraction Operators | How to Unlock

Rainbow Six Extraction Unlock All Operators

Rainbow Six Extraction is finally here, and the most recent Tom Clancy game promises to be a new adventure for all involved. Crashing through these new enemies might be a good break from Siege, but there is a caveat. You can no longer just purchase your operators! Some of them will start unlocked, but most of the cast is behind some sort of barricade. So, how do you unlock all operators in Rainbow Six Extraction so you can play with some fun toys? We have you covered.

How to Unlock All Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Unlock All Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

In order to unlock all operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, you just need to level up your Development Milestone. At level five, ten, and 17, you’ll unlock three more operators each time. So, you’ll go from nine to 18 once you get to Development Milestone 17, and have all of the operators that are currently available in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Leveling up your Development Milestone is relatively simple. All you have to do is play the game! This is a separate progression system than operators, and is account-wide. You won’t have to grind Ela levels to unlock Smoke, for instance. You’ll just need to grind missions.

If you’re interested in what operators are unlocked when:

  • IQ, Jäger, and Rook are at DM 5.
  • Fuze, Smoke, and Tachanka are at DM 10.
  • Capitão, Nomad, and Gridlock are at DM 17.

The nine other operators – Doc, Ela, Pulse, Alibi, Hibana, Finka, Lion, Sledge, and Vigil – are unlocked at the start. This gives you a good handful.

If you think you’re leveling up too slowly, and think the game’s a bit too easy, you can pump up the difficulty and farm higher level missions to get more XP. This comes at the cost of the game being significantly harder. You can’t get XP if you fail a mission! Make sure you’re ready before trying a high-difficulty farming strategy.

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Written by Andrew Smith