Rocket League Club | How to make a club

High octane soccer is an odd mix of words, and it doesn’t quite make sense unless you’ve played Rocket League, which offers an exciting flavor of soccer that utilizes speedy cars instead of regular players. It’s no fun playing with complete strangers over the internet though. Here’s how to bring your friends into the fun fueled game, through creating a Rocket League Club. 

How to create a Rocket League Club

Rocket League Club

Several online games provide ways to team up with your friends. Some games simply allow you to invite friends and join parties through the main screen. Others offer a more comprehensive approach to building a team. Rocket League is the latter type. Setting up a Club allows you and your friends lots of freedom and customization. 

Creating a Rocket League Club is fairly straightforward. To start off, players need to load up the game and look at the “Play” menu. This menu should have an option labeled “Create Club.” You’ll need to select that button. 

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Upon pressing the “Create Club” button, you’ll be treated to a bunch of different customization options. You’ll be able to pick out a name for your newly formed Club. From there, you’ll get to set a tag that’ll appear by you and your friends names. You can also select a color palette of your liking. 

After you’ve set up your Rocket League Club, you need to invite your friends. You can do this by selecting a friend and sending them a Club invite. They should then be matching your team’s tag and colors. 

Clubs are a great way to maximize your Rocket League experience. They provide a level of personalization that a lot of online games simply don’t. They can even make teamwork more fluid, giving you a clear idea of who’s on whose team. 

Written by Andrew Smith