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Sea of Thieves | How to Change Your Pirate

Change your pirate

If you’re looking to change up your appearance in Sea of Thieves, you should be warned beforehand that you won’t be able to keep your pirate’s progress for free, though it won’t be an expensive change-up by any means. If you’ve gotten bored of the character you selected and are looking to switch things up, we’ll tell you exactly how to change your pirate, so you can get back to sailing the high seas in style.

How to Change Your Pirate in Sea of Thieves

Change your pirate

Changing appearances in Sea of Thieves is a very straightforward process and can be done in just a few steps. To change your pirate, back out of your game and into the main menu. In the top right corner of the screen, you should see a box labeled “Pirate Emporium.” Click that box to be taken to a new screen. This is a shop where you can purchases various cosmetics for your ship and character, among other things.

At the top of the screen, you should notice four tabs to cycle through, the third of which is labeled “Pirate.” Scroll to this tab, then you will need to buy the Pirate Appearance Potion, which will set you back 149 Ancient Coins. If you’re short on coins, you can purchase more by clicking the icon in the bottom-right of the screen to take you to the store. The larger the package you buy, the more it will cost, but the better the deal will be. So how much you choose to spend is up to you. If all you intend on doing is changing your appearance, you can buy 150 Ancient Coins for $1.99, the smallest package available at the time of writing.

With the potion acquired, you will need to relaunch the game to change your pirate. Doing so will bring you down to the bottom of the ship where you can select a new character while maintaining the progress you had already made with the previous one.

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Written by Andrew Smith