What Are Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley?

Mr. Qi Dropping Mystery Boxes
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Mystery Boxes are appearing around Stardew Valley, and eager farmers are curious about their existence. Just what are these new items in the game? Since update 1.6 launched for Stardew Valley, many new features have been introduced. However, looking into the patch notes, some players may be confused about these new boxes.

While Mr. Qi is involved with these Mystery Boxes, what are they exactly? What makes them unique? Let’s dive into the details of the Mystery Box, one of Stardew Valley‘s newest additions for players to explore.

What Are Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley?

Artifact Spot in Stardew Valley Winter
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Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley result from Mr. Qi dropping new items across the land. A cutscene will play after the player spends 50 days in the valley or collects the second item from the Prize Machine. Only then can Mr. Qi take his plane to the sky to drop a line of Mystery Boxes. The game then states, “Mystery Boxes can now be found…”

These are new crates for players to find and open. Players can acquire various otherwise difficult or tedious items within them. A total of 90 particular items sit in these teal-tinted crates. These include some of the following notable items:

Of course, there are many others you can discover. Mystery Boxes can be found by engaging in the following activities in Stardew Valley:

  • Digging up Artifact Spots
  • Fishing for Treasure Chests
  • Mining stones
  • Breaking apart crates in the Mines of the valley
  • Slaying monsters
  • Receiving rewards from the Trout Derby and SquidFest events
  • Spending 20 Calico Eggs at the Calico Egg Merchant during the Desert Festival
  • Shaking or chopping down trees
  • Mystery Box within a Mystery Box cracked at Clint’s Blacksmith

Expert Tip

Stardew Valley fishers might want to consider choosing the Pirate profession. The Pirate profession, which unlocks after reaching level 10 in Fishing, doubles the chance to find Treasure Chests.

Like geodes in Stardew Valley, players can take their Mystery Boxes to Clint’s Blacksmith. Clint can crack these open for only 25g a geode/box to unveil the items within. It’s important to note that only Clint can assist in breaking apart a Mystery Box. The Geode Crusher will not work in this case.

What is a Golden Mystery Box?

Stardew Valley Mushroom or Bats
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Update 1.6 of Stardew Valley didn’t just include only the standard Mystery Boxes; in fact, a golden variant also exists. Distinguished only as the Golden Mystery Box, these shiny crates work similarly to the teal Mystery Boxes. Clint must open them, acquired using nearly the same methods — Treasure Chests, shaking trees, killing monsters, and so on. The only route that differs from the typical hunt for these boxes is Panning.

The items in these special crates are roughly the same, with only a few notable entries. Dressed Spinner, Stardew Valley Almanac, and Woodcutter’s Weekly are among the few that players can find in the golden crates.

However, Golden Mystery Boxes only pertain to players who’ve attained the Foraging Mastery from the Mastery Cave. It’s the third perk unlocked by choosing the Foraging Mastery. The Mystic Tree Seed and Treasure Totem recipes serve as the other bonuses. There are five Masteries to attain, though these are seen as endgame goals. Regardless, the Foraging Mastery is one of the popular ones to unlock initially.


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