How to Get Mystic Tree Seed in Stardew Valley

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Developer ConcernedApe implemented many new features in Stardew Valley for its 1.6 update. New additions continue to change many aspects of the game, including the variety of trees that grow in the valley. With update 1.6, players can now utilize a Mystic Tree Seed to grow a blue-tinted Mystic Tree.

However, how can Stardew Valley farmers acquire such a seed to erect a magnificent tree in the game? As it turns out, the solution isn’t complicated to come across, but it does come with some weight.

How to Get Mystic Tree Seed in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Five Mastery Pillars of the Mastery Cave
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To get a Mystic Tree Seed, Stardew Valley players must first attain the Foraging mastery after entering the Cindersap Forest’s Mastery Cave. The Cave serves as an end-game area to explore, and it is unlocked after you master all five skills (Combat, Farming, Fishing, Foraging, and Mining). Only by mastering these skills can you walk into the Cave.

The unique Cave, which the player’s in-game Grandpa left to discover, houses five pillars representing the skills mentioned above. A letter from the dearly departed reads that the player has found the secret room. This room contains Grandpa’s finest recipes, tips, and tools for the player to unlock and collect. To do so, the player must fulfill the masteries of each pillar in any order of their choosing. The orange pedestal in the middle of the room tells us this is known as “The Last Path.” The pedestal provides an update on your mastery progress, with the initial threshold stopping at 10,000. The other levels go as follows:

  • Level 2 – Attain 15,000 Mastery Points
  • Level 3 – Attain 20,000 Mastery Points
  • Level 4 – Attain 25,000 Mastery Points
  • Level 5 – Attain 30,000 Mastery Points

These points are necessary for progressing to the next level. To fulfill all five pillars, players need a total of 100,000 Mastery Points. Upon reaching a level, you can unlock any of the five masteries. In this case, go with the Foraging mastery to obtain the Mystic Tree Seed recipe. Additionally, the Treasure Totem recipe and the ability to find Golden Mystery Boxes become available.

Stardew Valley Masteries

Of course, these are only a few perks you can acquire when unlocking the masteries in the Mastery Cave. For a quick reference, here are the other masteries and their provided rewards:

  • Combat Mastery – Unlocks Anvil and Mini-Forge Recipes; Trinket Slot becomes available.
  • Farming Mastery – Unlocks Iridium Scythe and Statue of Blessing Recipe; Golden Animal Crackers become available.
  • Fishing Mastery – Unlocks Advanced Iridium Rod and Challenge Bait Recipe; Golden Fishing Treasure Chests become available.
  • Mining Mastery – Statue of the Dwarf King and Heavy Furnace Recipes; Gem-bearing Rocks yield twice the material.

Furthermore, you can view your acquired masteries by accessing the Special Items and Powers tab of the player menu. Moreover, the player tab displays your current mastery progress as well.

Mystic Tree Seed Recipe

After unlocking Foraging mastery, the Mystic Tree Seed recipe is unlocked:

Stardew Valley Planting Mystic Tree Seeds
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As you can see, the Mystic Tree Seed comprises several other seeds from Stardew Valley. Players can plant the seed and wait for its tree to evolve. Once it matures, you can attach a refined Tapper to the exact Mystic Syrup every 7-8 days. A single mystic sap gathering has a price tag of 1,000g, though it’s also used to fuel magical properties into two recipes: Blue Grass Starter and the aforementioned Treasure Totem. The former allows you to plant blue grass, as the name implies, while the new totem will summon a ring of treasure spots.


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