Where to Catch Goby Fish in Stardew Valley

Fishing in the Forest
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Fishing is a decent way to make a living in Stardew Valley. You can toss a hook into practically any body of water for a chance to catch aquatic creatures, all of which can help you turn a profit. With the arrival of update 1.6, developer ConcernedApe added the Goby fish for anglers to find.

So, where can ambitious Stardew Valley players locate this new Goby fish? Does it swim in the waters that flow through the waters on Pelican Beach? Does it roam somewhere within the Mountain Lake? As it so happens, it’s not far from the farmhouse for players to find and catch.

Where to Catch Goby Fish in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Waterfalls Goby Location
Image Credit: ConcernedApe.

Stardew Valley players can catch the Goby by fishing in the Cindersap Forest. The fish is located at the bottom of the waterfalls in the southern part of the forest, east of the Hat Mouse’s shop. This area is also known as the Abandoned House, though the locational reference is sufficient for players to rely on when locating the Goby.

The fish in question is not particularly picky about appearing in the valley. They swim during any season under any weather conditions. They may be a more formidable challenge to acquire, though you’ll have nearly all day to find and hook at least one.

It’s marked by dart behavior, making it relatively difficult for some players to obtain. With this in mind, attach your preferred Baits and Tackles to assist in snatching the Goby. The Curiosity Lure is a popular choice players can always depend on. It’s also possible to acquire some Salmon when fishing in the waterfalls so you won’t walk away empty-handed.

Now, in terms of using Goby in Stardew Valley, there’s not much to it. Most of the valley’s residents aren’t quite fond of the fish, with only Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy having neutral feelings toward it. Everyone else wouldn’t really appreciate the fish being given to them as a gift. It’s best to avoid the potential embarrassment of gifting this particular fish to a fellow Stardew local.

No special Fish Bundles or unique recipes are included to make the Goby feel special. This is in regard to the known Maki Roll and Sashimi recipes, which are served with any kind of fish. It’s best placed in a Fish Pond or sold away for some Gold, though the choice is always up to you. Of course, the prices slightly increase if you’re a Fisher or an Angler. Ultimately, we see the Goby as little more than a necessary step to fulfill the Fish Collection.


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