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How to Get Adhesive in Starfield

How to Get Adhesive in Starfield
How to Get Adhesive in Starfield

With a game as big as Starfield, it would almost be considered a crime for it not to have a crafting system. After all, some of the best items in the game are the ones you make yourself. Of course, this means that you’ll need to find a ton of crafting materials, with one of the most critical ones being Adhesive. However, as you probably expect, you can’t just get any right from the start. This guide will explain what this material is, what it’s used for, and most importantly, how and where to get it.

What is Adhesive?

On the off chance that you collect some Adhesive while raiding outposts, spaceships, or other types of structures, the object will appear in your inventory as a large metal container. This makes it seem like some sort of mechanical component, but the truth is that Adhesive needs a container because it’s a viscous material.

In layman’s terms, this item is a bonding agent, something that sticks things together like glue or cement. Now, while this may be something very common in our present-day world, it’s become a rarity in the far future of Starfield. To make things worse, many crafting recipes require Adhesive as a base ingredient. However, if you’re resourceful and productive, you can get your hands on some in numerous locations.

How to Get Adhesive

The first method which is the most adventurous and active one is to go adventuring to different planets and across space. Like with the introductory missions, you can scan planets and talk to people for leads on abandoned outposts and Crimson Fleet activity. When you do, head to those locations and prepare to fight your way through spacers, pirates, and sometimes vicious aliens in order to explore the area. Give special attention to anything science or research-related since these places are chock full of uncommon materials which can include Adhesive.

While exploring space in your ship, keep an eye out for Crimson Fleet ships and to a lesser extent House Va’ruun ships. In most cases, both will be hostile and will fire upon you allowing you to rightly fire back. Should you be able to disable their ships, you can dock, fight them in person, and then raid the ship for Adhesive. There’s also a chance that Adhesive will be included in the debris loot if you destroy the ship entirely, just be ready to chase it down as it spins through space.

The second and more relaxed method is through scanning. Whenever you touch down on planets capable of supporting life, you can find tons of different flora species growing around. Since our very own tree sap is considered and has been used as a natural Adhesive, you can harvest these alien plants to gain your own supply.

It can be time-consuming considering all the scanning and harvesting, but it can also be quite lucrative. Remember that not all plants will yield Adhesive, so focus on anything that looks tree-like. There are also fauna species that can be harvested for Adhesive if you’re willing to go hunting. Whenever you decide to do this, make sure that you have the proper tools and enough space to hold everything.

The third and final method which is reliable but boring and tedious is the merchants. Each populated area has a fair number of merchants selling everything from style to curse space boots. They’re pretty easy to find, usually having storefronts that can be spotted from a distance, but others are more tucked away.

Though each merchant has a certain kind of inventory, most will usually offer a selection of Miscellaneous items which is where you can buy Adhesive. Keep in mind that since it’s considered rare, it can cost you quite a few credits but it will also save you a lot of time in terms of searching.

Merchant inventories rotate and refresh, so check them whenever you have a chance and mark them for future visits to keep topped up on supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What recipes are Adhesive used for?

Adhesive is a base component in Starfield used mainly in weapon crafting. It’s used in recipes like Armor-Piercing Rounds, Tesla Pylons, Ignition Beams, Hornet Nest, and Amplifier. Basically, if you looking to wield some serious firepower, you’ll need to collect Adhesive to make that happen.

Written by Andrew Smith