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Where to Find Planet Skink in Starfield

Starfield Planet Skink Anomaly

Strange mysteries lurk within the far reaches of space in Starfield, where more than 1,000 planets and rocks can potentially contain Anomalies for the players to search and study. With the help and determination of Constellation, the player can locate Anomalies to absorb new Powers. One such planet that comes to mind is Skink, which plays a part in the repeatable Power From Beyond quest. It’s one of the planets that the Spacefarer and his companions can land on. However, some Starfield players can’t seem to find the planet in question.

Starfield Planet Skink Anomaly

With over 1,000 systems to visit, planet Skink is bound to be orbiting out there somewhere in the Settled Systems. But where exactly is it? While it may be tough to navigate the Starmap at times, Skink can be easily found by referring to some past locations that you’ve most likely already come across. With this in mind, traveling to Skink won’t be a troublesome journey. It’s only a matter of finding its coordinates to get the ball rolling. Let’s access our equipment and grav drives as we search for the planet Skink location in Starfield.

Where to Find Skink

Planet Skink orbits the Cheyenne system in Starfield, and it’s the first planet of the bunch to circle the system’s star. Upon booting up the Starmap, select the Cheyenne system (which is one of the named systems that the map displays), then scroll over to the first planet on the left of the blue star. Cheyenne is a Level 1 system, which makes it easily accessible to any starting player in the game. It’s also the same system that’s home to Akila City of planet Akila, where a wide variety of merchants and establishments can be visited.

Other planets that orbit the Cheyenne system include Agamon, Burran, Fenn, Montara, Navaha, Stellis, and Washakie. With the exception of Skink, each planet is accompanied by one or more moons. The entire system is controlled by the Freestar Collective, so be mindful of any bounties that you might have on your head.

Before you continue with any landing procedures, scan the planet to see what resources, fauna, flora, and possible traits are available for harvesting and surveying. Upon scanning Skink, you will find the following information:

  • Type: Rock
  • Gravity: 1.02 G
  • Temperature: Inferno
  • Atmosphere: STD CO2
  • Magnetosphere: Weak
  • Fauna: None
  • Flora: None
  • Water: None
  • Resources: Water, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Fluorine, Cobalt, Silver, Mercury
Starfield Scanning Planet Skink

With or without the Power From Beyond quest, visiting planet Skink will pinpoint the location of an Anomaly. Land at the spot, then get up to save your progress by sleeping on a bed. This is to trigger the Well-Rested XP bonus, which adds a 10% increase for completed actions, quests, and more.

Expert Tip

Skink is a hot rock that can potentially bring about environmental damage. This can also occur on other planets where the conditions are rough and deadly. To remedy this, invest skill points in the Environmental Conditioning Skill under the Physical skill tree. An Advanced skill, Environmental Conditioning allows the player to progressively acquire resistances to harmful planetary and weather conditions.

Skink Power From Beyond

Once you awaken, exit your ship then search for a towering structure that houses a temple. You can easily do this by activating your scanner to study the planet’s surface. Look around until the scanning frequencies begin to distort. The Anomaly is the cause of the static reaction, which will act as your waypoint.

As with any other Power From Beyond quest, approach the temple from which the distorted signal is being emitted. Enter the temple, solve the gravitational puzzle, and then absorb the Power. Gaining the Power will transport the player back outdoors, where potential Starborn shall be waiting to ambush you. For our experience, we activated Temple Theta to acquire the Solar Flare Power. It allows us to emit solar energy at the cost of 25 energy.

Starfield Planet Skink Power From Beyond

Of course, the acquisition of these Powers is randomized for each playthrough, so you’ll possibly enter another temple once you visit Skink. In truth, there isn’t much to see on Skink except for a couple of sights and the temple itself. You can always fully survey the planet for trading purposes if you’re looking to make the most out of the first planet that orbits the Cheyenne system in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith