Starfield: How to Steal the Inaccessible Watchdog Ship?

inaccessible Watchdog ship

How to get into the inaccessible Watchdog ship in Starfield? Here’s how to get your hands on the Ruffian spacecraft in the Deputized mission.

Starfield throws a myriad of quests at every stage of its playthrough. You will traverse some of the most distinct planets, unraveling mysteries. It is also filled with a plethora of faction missions given by the game’s major factions, like the Freestar Rangers.

During their quests, you might have bumped into the inaccessible Watchdog ship that belongs to the Ruffians. As the space adventurer you are, you probably wanted to pilot it and leave the planet after also taking down the group.

It won’t be possible, though, since the game doesn’t allow you to get into the Watchdog ship during the Deputized mission. Don’t worry, though, as there are several methods to get your hands on it.

Here’s how to get the Watchdog ship in Starfield.

Why Is the Watchdog Ship Inaccessible in Starfield? 

starfield Watchdog ship inaccessible

Starfield often prevents you from interacting with ships and other objects during missions. If the ship were accessible, most players would get into it and take off from the planet, leaving the troubled dwellers of the Waggoner Farm behind.

Since it is a part of a quest, Starfield doesn’t allow you to steal the Watchdog ship. Even after you finish the Ruffians in the Deputized mission, Watchdog will remain inaccessible for the quest’s integrity.

This applies to other quest areas and the objects within them. So be prepared to see some great ships that are inaccessible during your adventures.

Don’t worry, though, as the star systems are filled with vendors that will sell you these brilliant vessels later on.

That being said, for those really craving some space action with the Watchdog ship, it is actually possible to enter its cockpit and take off!

How to get onto the Watchdog ship in Starfield? 

There are a couple of methods that will help you get onto the Ruffians’ spaceship. The first one would be using the game’s console.  

Just like the developer Bethesda’s earlier titles, Starfield has a ton of console commands that can help you cheat your way out of most situations. That being said, the game does disable achievements when you enter a console command, which is one of the things Starfield players hate.

But if you are okay with saying goodbye to your achievements and want the Watchdog ship, follow the simple steps below. 

  • Go to the Watchdog ship and navigate to the hatch. 
  • Make sure that you aim for the hatch and the prompts for entering the ship appear. 
  • Hit the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. It is usually located right below the Escape (ESC) button. 
  • The game will then pause and warn you that the achievements will be disabled once you enter a command. 

starfield Watchdog ship inaccessible

  • If you’re okay with that, click on the hatch while the game is paused and type “unlock.” 
  • Hit Enter and then the tilde (~) key to close the console. 

When this is done, you can get onto the Watchdog and take off from the planet. From there on, you are the captain of Watchdog. Albeit you grasped it by sacrificing your achievements, you can now brave the hardships of Starfield’s vast galaxy with this stolen spacecraft.

inaccessible Watchdog ship

Frankly, it is just not worth it for a ship that you can get in the game later in the game. Moreover, Watchdog also comes with two other iterations that are much better than itself.

How to get the other Watchdog ships in Starfield? 

Let’s say you skipped over the first method and didn’t use console commands to get into the inaccessible spaceship in the Deputized mission. What do you need to do to get your hands on it? 

Like many other honest dwellers of the space, you can purchase this ship and its other iterations from vendors across the star systems.

starfield watchdog 2

For instance, a vendor in Hopetown sells Watchdog 2 for 80,279 credits. That’s actually not much for those who fancy the design of the first Watchdog and its highly spacious cargo hold because the successor comes with a whopping capacity.

Those who want to buy it can visit Akila City on the planet of Akila, located in the Cheyenne system. Keep in mind that the vendor stocks are subject to change. You can also purchase the ship from  Hopetown in Polvo, a planet of the Valo star system. 

Here’s an overview of Watchdog 2 in Starfield.

  • Cost: 80,279 
  • Cargo Capacity: 650  
  • Jump: 23 LY 
  • Crew: 3 
  • Reactor: 18 
  • Where to buy?: Akila City, Hopetown 

How to get a Watchdog 3 ship in Starfield? 

starfield watchdog 3

The final iteration of the Watchdog ships is the third one. It has a whopping 805 cargo capacity and a solid hull boasting 619 points.  

The Class A fighter ship costs a hefty 165,475 credits, though. It also requires some solid piloting skills. Here’s an overview of the Watchdog 3 spaceship. 

  • Cost: 165,475
  • Cargo Capacity: 805
  • Jump: 29LY
  • Crew: 4
  • Reactor: 23
  • Where to buy?: Akila City, Hopetown

Bonus: You can spawn the Watchdog ship in Starfield. 

Although it is an old one, Creation Engine 2 offers wonders with its in-game console. Conjuring massive spacecraft out of thin air is definitely one of those. 

inaccessible Watchdog ship

This means you can spawn Watchdog in Starfield without spending those hard-earned credits. It is definitely worth noting that this will disable your achievements, though. But if you are alright with that, here’s how to spawn the notorious Watchdog in Starfield.

  • Go to a rather spacious location where you can quickly spawn a large spacecraft. 
  • Hit the tilde (~) key and open the console.
  • Type “player.placeatme 0020AFD0” and hit Enter. 
  • The infamous Watchdog ship will appear.
  • If it is clipping underground, hit the tilde key and open the console again.
  • Type “tcl” to activate the free cam, allowing you to go through objects.
  • Head to the entrance of the ship and board it. 
  • If the spawned Watchdog ship is also inaccessible, open the console and type “unlock” after you click on its entrance hatch. 
  • Open the console and type “tcl” again to disable the free cam.
  • Close the console and enter the ship.

Keep in mind that you can spawn every ship in the game using their ID.

Wrapping Up 

Here’s everything you need to know about the inaccessible Watchdog ship in Starfield. Unfortunately, you can’t get into the ship during the Deputized mission.

But that doesn’t mean it is completely impossible to get your hands on it. Luckily, some alternative approaches are guaranteed to work for the sake of turning off the achievements, though.



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    Kerem is a content writer with five years of experience under his belt. He also has an obsession that forces him to play "one more turn" in Medieval II: Total War and read Warhammer 40.000 lore before going to bed.

Written by Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Kerem is a content writer with five years of experience under his belt. He also has an obsession that forces him to play "one more turn" in Medieval II: Total War and read Warhammer 40.000 lore before going to bed.

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