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Stranded Deep Fuel Still Boiler | How to Get Fuel

How to Get Fuel for the Still Boiler

In Stranded Deep, the primary methods of transportation are through the use of rafts and gyrocopters. However, these vehicles require fuel, which is a troublesome resource to come by. Nevertheless, the player can obtain the valued commodity via the use of a Stranded Deep Fuel Still. In this guide, we will explain how to get fuel from the Still Boiler.

How to Get a Fuel Still Boiler

Stranded Deep Fuel Still Boiler


To craft the Fuel Still Boiler in Stranded Deep, you will need the following resources as listed below.

  • 1 Jerry Can
  • 2 Lashing
  • 4 Sticks
  • 2 Planks
  • 2 Clay
  • 1 Fire Pit

Jerry cans are found inside of console cabinets at shipwrecks or plane crashes. The next resource you’ll need to gather are lashings, which can be crafted from four fibrous leaves obtained from yucca plants or palm saplings. Lashings are also needed for Coconut Flasks and tons of other craftable items.

Sticks the next resource on the list, these can be found laying around scattered around on the island or by chopping down trees. Similarily, Planks can also be found lying around the island or can be crafted from logs via the plank station.

The last two items on the list you will need are two clay and one fire pit. You can obtain clay from mining rocks under the water (Watch out for sharks and other nasties!). The final item is a Fire Pit, which is crafted from several rocks and is also an add on to the campfire.

Below we’ve included instructions to getting fuel for the Still Boiler.

How to Get Fuel for the Still Boiler

To craft fuel using the Stranded Deep Fuel Still, you will need to gather a lot of potatoes, as they are the key ingredient. Players will be able to find potatoes growing in the various islands or they can grow them from potatoes plants planted in a farming plot.  We recommend placing down several farming plots to grow as many potatoes as possible due to the necessity for fuel production. 

After obtaining the potatoes, you will then need to place them in the still and light a campfire to start the production in the Fuel Still. It will also cost about one stick of the campfire fuel to convert one group potatoes into vehicle fuel.

That was everything you will need to start fuel production for all your traveling needs in Stranded Deep. Maybe you can finally escape the island!

Written by Andrew Smith