How to Block in Street Fighter 6

Ryu and Luke in Street Fighter 6
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Street Fighter 6 has a lot of technicalities to it. In fact, you’ll need to have a strong grasp of even the game’s most basic functions in order to win a fight. If you’re struggling to block and parry attacks from your opponent, don’t worry, because learning the basics of defense is easy. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can work towards getting the advantage.

How to Block in Street Fighter 6

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Image Credit: Capcom.

Blocking is one of the technical elements in Street Fighter 6 that is absolutely critical to learn. In the simplest terms, blocking attacks prevents you from taking damage, allowing you to stay in the fight longer. That being said, you will still take chip damage if you try to block Special attacks and Super attacks.

To block an incoming attack, you must press back in the direction away from your opponent, as if you were walking backward. However, if your opponent is using a low attack, you will need to press diagonally down and back simultaneously to ensure you block the incoming attack. Blocking attacks can come with a disadvantage, though, as the frames between block recovery and trying to output an attack can leave you vulnerable.

New players must also learn whether to block an attack or parry. If you parry an attack, you take no damage, including chip damage. There is no block recovery, either, meaning you can hit immediately after. The downside to parrying is you have to calculate when your opponent will attack.

Just be sure to use parries carefully. While you’re parrying, you are susceptible to throws, which increases the damage you take as the throw would count as a Punish Counter. If you have no Drive Gauge, you experience Burnout, and you can no longer parry or use any other Drive mechanics.

Furthermore, you need to be more careful when in Burnout. If you are in a corner and the opponent uses a Drive Impact, you will be stunned. This gives them a huge advantage over you and likely spells defeat.

That is everything you need to know about blocking and parrying in Street Fighter 6.

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