How to Get the Feather in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG Mallow
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Word has gone around that missable Super Mario RPG items frustrate some players. And as it should, for the list of missable items includes the speed-inducing Feather that Mario and his friends can equip. It’s an incredible accessory that players can obtain with a little bit of effort, and it shouldn’t be neglected. The name implies that swift movement is involved, which is absolutely the case here.

Players must complete a specific mini-game to acquire the Feather in Super Mario RPG. It’s relatively one of the easier ones to get, and it won’t take players long to grab a hold of one in Mario’s world.

How to Get the Feather in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG Bronze Statue Mini-game
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The Feather belongs to Dodo, a minor boss and assistant to Valentina, a villain who has taken control of Nimbus Castle. Dodo drops the Feather after Mario (the player) completes the bronze statue mini-game within the Nimbus Castle of Nimbus Land. This occurs after Dodo is instructed to attend to the statues, angering him. As such, he lets out his frustration on the statues by pecking at them. This is where Mario must jump to evade Dodo’s attacks, for he, too, has a bronze appearance. How Dodo doesn’t recognize Mario in the room remains a mystery.

Players will know the mini-game is about to begin when the following message appears: “Uh-oh… Dodo’s in a pretty bad mood. Keep up your statue disguise, and jump to avoid getting pecked.”

Also known as Dodo’s Feather in other languages (which kind of gives away the item’s location), the objective is to avoid getting caught by dodging Dodo’s pecks. Failure to do so can result in a fight with Dodo, though players can load up a save file to give the mini-game another shot. The room with the statues is hard to miss, too; three erected bronze statues of Valentina are on display, leaving a fourth space open for Mario to stand and jump on.

Expert Tip

Listen to the music that plays during the bronze statue jumping mini-game. The melody follows Dodo’s pattern through the activity, providing hints as to when Dodo will strike, especially toward the end of the segment.

Super Mario RPG Feather Drop
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The slow-walking bird will exit the room once Mario successfully avoids Dodo’s attacks. Follow him through the same way, and the Feather will sit in the middle of the new room. It’ll be next to a save block. Finally, you can scoop the Feather for Mario and his pals to equip and use in battle.

Alternatively, the treasure-hunting Toad can sell Mario and the gang a Feather for 250 coins. However, he won’t be ready to sell anything unless players defeat Punchinello to obtain the third Star Piece (orange) in the Mole Mines. Naturally, the Toad will open his shop if players progress the story. His shop will also sell the following items: Lucky Jewel, Mystery Egg, and Frying Pan.

Supplying the Feather to any of the five characters will enhance their speed and defenses. Speed increases by +20, regular Defense gets a +5 bump, and Magic Defense receives a +5 lift. However, there’s no right or wrong on who gets to throw on the Feather regarding Mario’s party. Giving any playable character this particular accessory will be of great help.


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