What Is the Tekken 8 Maintenance Schedule?

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Since it is a new live-service game, Tekken 8 has a regularly maintenance schedule. Maintenance usually deals with any nerfs or buffs and addresses any bugs that may be lingering around. Of course, pushing those fixes out to players usually results in service interruptions. If you need to know the Tekken 8 maintenance schedule, this guide will tell you when to expect some downtime.

What Is the Tekken 8 Maintenance Schedule?

Kuma in a bandana in Tekken 8
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The latest update for Tekken 8 was on March 14, 2024. With that update, the developers uploaded new skins to the game, including iconic throwbacks to previous Tekken iterations. On top of this, they used the patch to ban accounts that were breaking the rules.

Some of these infractions included cheating, use of unauthorized mods, and inappropriate customizations or player names. As a result of many accounts having to be banned, they have since broadened their suspension scheme to ensure that all players follow the rules. Those who continuously break the rules will be suspended for their actions.

The next update, which will be the third update for Tekken 8, is due in April. In this update, the developers are bringing back the Tekken World Tour alongside some new unannounced features. As with all of the updates thus far, some fighter adjustments and bug fixes will be tackled.

Players are also hoping that this patch will fix the issue of “plugging.” This is when a player will unplug their internet router so that they disconnect from the game, forcing the match to crash. This tends to happens most frequently when the opponent player is losing. However, some countries have strict customer protection laws, which are getting in the way of the company being able to protect their players.

That is everything you need to know about the upcoming updates for Tekken 8 and what the previous updates brought to the game. What are you hoping to see added in forthcoming updates?

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