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Terraria Spider Armor | How to Get

Terraria Spider Armor - How to Get

The plethora of weapons and armor in Terraria is a huge factor in how players enjoy their time with the game. Armor provides unique ways to interact with the game world, and deal with the biggest part of the experience: combat. Some armor offers bonuses based on what build you’re running. The base game has classes like Mage, Summoner, Ranged, and Melee. Some armor might be better than others for builds, and one that’s a great choice for the summoner is the Spider Armor. Here’s how you can get a set for yourself

How to Get Spider Armor in Terraria

How to Get Spider Armor in Terraria

The Spider Armor gives a significant boost to summons in the game, as well as allows the player to have three more minions in their party, allowing for a total of four summons. The armor is fairly simple to find and is a great choice for armor in Pre-Hardmode (before the Wall of Flesh).

The way the Spider armor functions is that once the set is complete, you’ll be awarded two set bonuses. The first is an additional 28% Minion Damage, and the aforementioned extra 2 minion slots.  However, you can reap a slight version of the bonuses if you wear the armor incomplete. The Greaves and Breastplate give a 5% damage increase for minions, while the Helmet alone gives 6%. Wearing all of it will stack an additional 12% totaling 28%. Each piece of the armor on its own adds an extra minion slot.

How to get the armor, is fairly simple. If you want to complete the Spider Armor, you will need a total of 36 Spider Fangs. You’ll need 16 for the Breastplate, 12 for the Greaves, and 8 for the Mask.

Spider Fangs can only be found as a drop from the Brown Recluse enemy in the Jungle biome. Their drop rates are very high, so it’s easy to acquire enough fangs to make a set of this powerful Pre-Hardmode Armor.

The Spider Armor is good for players who want to use a summoning build. As well as the fact that you can couple the armor with the spider staff to spawn in 5 minions, due to the Spider Minion only counting as .75 of a Minion instead of 1.

Written by Andrew Smith