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The Callisto Protocol | How Many Chapters Are There?

The Callisto Protocol - How Many Chapters Are There?

Walking among the wretched horrors throughout The Callisto Protocol can be a little overwhelming for the faint of heart. Jacob Lee, who has been sent to Black Iron Prison on Callisto, finds himself in a nasty pickle. The horrors here are manifested from an unknown disease, putting everyone who is on Jupiter’s second-largest moon at risk. As Jacob makes his way through the space facility, you might be wondering how many chapters play into the narrative of The Callisto Protocol until you reach the endgame. Utilizing stealth and exploring the dangerous territory, it’s good to know where Jacob is within Black Iron Prison and beyond.

How Many Chapters Are There in The Callisto Protocol?

How Many Chapters Are There in The Callisto Protocol?

There are a total of 8 chapters in The Callisto Protocol for players to progress through. They all act as the main narrative of the game without offering any side quests to check out. From beginning to end, Jacob Lee will make his way through the infected facility in an attempt to ultimately escape. In the process, he’ll also slowly uncover the mystery behind the outbreak at the prison.

Here are the 8 chapters in The Callisto Protocol:

  1. Cargo
  2. Outbreak
  3. Aftermath
  4. Habitat
  5. Lost
  6. Below
  7. Colony
  8. Tower

Each chapter varies in length, depending on your personal approach to certain situations and scenes. They will include collectibles to find, hidden rooms to inspect, grotesque creatures to encounter, and weapons to locate and upgrade. Cargo is the exception here since it serves as the introductory mission for The Callisto Protocol.

However, as much as one would admire returning to a particular scene after a chapter’s completion, players will find themselves in a wave of disappointment. The Callisto Protocol doesn’t allow the player to go back and select a previous chapter in their playthrough. This spills bad news for players who are looking for something in particular, only to find out that they have missed their opportunity.

With this in mind, we recommend traversing each chapter carefully for any precious loot and items that Jacob can use to help him survive. The monsters in the game will be a persistent pain in the neck, so be sure to tread carefully in Black Iron Prison. There might be a surprise waiting for you around a dark, cold corner.

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Written by Andrew Smith