The Complete Orion Camo Guide for Modern Warfare 2

The Complete Orion Camo Guide for Modern Warfare 2

We’re just over a month away from Modern Warfare Season Two launching, and we’ll get you ready with our Orion camo guide.

The game has had many changes between the pre-season launch and now. Grinding out Orion mastery camo seems easier the longer you wait. Since you only need 51 weapons mastered, you can skip some categories that might give you trouble, such as launchers or the riot shield. Not to mention that Shipment and Shoot house completely change the formula.

So, what are you waiting for? You want to be a force to be reckoned with in Al Mazrah, right?

There Are Multiple Ways to Level Your Guns For Our Orion Camo Guide

We will discuss the three most efficient ways to level guns in Modern Warfare 2. We want the grind to go as quickly as possible while retaining some sanity.

  • The most common way to is to play multiplayer. Stick to modes like kill confirmed since picking up tags and playing the objective reward weapon XP for your currently equipped weapon. You can also get extra XP by tossing decoy grenades and using the DDOS attack ability when enemies are nearby. However, stick to Shipment and Shoot house if you want to maximize your Orion camo grind. Smaller maps mean you’re more likely to see enemies sooner rather than later.
  • Method Two: For those looking to mix up their grind, Method Two is here for you. Queue into Ground War to be placed into large-scale maps with 32 players and, more importantly, AI bots. The AI bots give the same amount of weapon XP as a player. We recommend you find a hot area, place a tactical insert, and shoot anything that moves. The AI will spawn from helicopters, so if you’re quick, you can take them out as soon as they spawn. I used this method to level my sniper rifles as the small maps weren’t hitting right for me.
  • Method Three: Finally, we have the high-risk, high-reward strategy. Grab a couple of your friends and drop into Warzone. Your goal is to find a weapon you’re looking for on the ground or make a custom class and buy the weapon from the buy station. You want to finish as many Safe Cracker contracts as you can. You get weapon XP every time you pop a safe or complete the contract, increasing the amount of XP you get for each one you finish. For example, I got the riot shield from level 1 to Max in one game of doing this method. Save this one for annoying weapons like the shield or launchers. Don’t forget to visit a buy station before you back out, as you can spend the massive amount of money you’ll have at this point on plates, which, you guessed it, also rewards weapon XP for your equipped weapon.

Gold Challenges

I for one, am glad that this year the “Bloodthirsty” Challenge is just three kills without dying. 

There isn’t any real secret here for our Orion camo guide except playing well.

At this point, you’ll have access to weapon tuning. Of course, making your guns as competitive as possible would be best. I usually go for a setup like this:

Compensator, underbarrel, two aim-down sight attachments (this can be a laser, stock, or rear grip), and your choice of either an optic or a larger magazine.

Play the last one passively when you’re on two kills, and let the enemy come to you. 

Platinum Challenges

Now we can get into the worst part of this year’s grind, the longshots. This is the part of the grind that will test your resolve. 20-25 longshots per weapon equate to roughly 1,200 longshot kills. The best mode for this is to enter the Tier One playlist.

It was super challenging to get the Lachmann sub platinum before this playlist came out, and that’s a meta gun! The Tier One playlist is this game’s version of hardcore. Usually, two to three shots can take down an enemy at range. Build these guns for maximum bullet velocity and recoil control. Compensators, underbarrels, and high-velocity rounds are your friend here.

You can also use one of two rangefinder scopes, which will tell you the distance to where you are aiming. (XTEN Angel-40) This is an excellent tool until you can learn the common longshot parts on each map. A few times, I would aim down a lane and realize I was one or two meters too close for a long shot kill. Since you don’t get any indicators in Tier One, this is a God-send.

You’ll want to look for specific maps when going for long shots. El Asilo is good if you can get on the hill or second floor of the building overlooking the hill. Taraq is finally good for something; you’ll find longshot areas everywhere. The middle lane in Hydro electric counts as a long shot area. As well as both outside lanes in Raceway. My personal favorite is Embassy; besides the middle lane, there are tons of unique areas you can pick without getting too campy. Avoid Hotel, Border Crossing, Shipment, and Shoot house.

Longshot distance chart:

  • Shotguns: 12.5m
  • Pistols: 20m
  • SMGs: 30m
  • Assault Rifles/LMGS/Battle Rifles/Marksman Rifles: 38m
  • Sniper Rifles: 50m

The Polyatomic Challenge Is The Best Part of our Orion Camo Guide

Alright, we’re back to the fun part of the grind again, and your reward is one of my favorite camos in recent years. For this challenge, your goal is to get 20-25 headshots this time. You’ll want to build your guns similar to the longshot challenge—maximum recoil control since we’re hitting a tiny moving target. I picked the VLK scope, something I’ve been doing for headshot challenges through Modern Warfare 1, Cold War, and Vanguard. The extra zoom from something like the VLK makes the target appear more prominent and makes headshots much more accessible. I also lowered my sensitivity from an 8-8 to a 6-6 to help with this challenge.


Once you’ve finished 51 Polyatomic challenges, Orion is automatically unlocked. No need to grind out another challenge for this one. And with that you have all the knowledge you need to unlock it for yourself. It took me just under 1,000 matches to unlock the final mastery camo myself, which makes this year’s grind a lot shorter than the previous three years.

If you have any specific questions feel free to let us know in the comment section. Enjoy your new camos, and thanks for reading our Orion camo guide!


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