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V Rising Bat Form | How to Unlock

How to unlock Bat Form

V Rising has captured the public for its innovative take on survival crafting games. Placing players inside of a gothic world as a vampire, players need to survive as the classic horror icon. Just like vampires in books and movies, the player has the ability to shapeshift, and one of the most iconic forms is the Bat Form.

How to Unlock Bat Form in V Rising

V Rising How to Get Bat Form

If you’re wanting to unlock the Bat Form in V Rising, you need to defeat Nighmarshal Styx the Sunderer. To find him, the first thing you need to do is make it to the Cursed Forest.  However, be careful, as this is one of the late-game locations in V Rising.

Follow the south roads, and head towards the middle of the location. There lies the boss you need to encounter, Nighmarshal Styx the Sunderer. You’re going to want to make sure you’re at least Level 76, just under the Level Cap of 80 before attempting to fight this boss.

Once spotted by Styx, you’ll be thrown into a fight as he attacks randomly. This boss is also a vampire, much like you, but he’s unpredictable unless you’ve memorized his animations, which can help you deal with him and eventually take him down.

Styx’s attacks include summoning bats, teleporting to you, and performing a spin attack. He might be tough, but the game throws you a bone once you reach half health. Once Styx is down to half health, he’ll start summoning enemies to help him fight. Lucky for you, you’ll be able to kill these enemies for some health regeneration, which will keep you alive to finish him off.

Once Styx is defeated, you’ll unblock the Bat Form. It will allow you to fly around at a greater speed than walking, and much like the Waygates, you’ll be unable to transport items with you while in Bat Form.

Written by Andrew Smith