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Valheim Turnip Seeds | Where to Find

Valheim Turnip Seeds - Where to Find

Valheim allows you to build up your homestead and eventually create a farm. As expected, there are a variety of vegetables you can use to grow your own food and keep stocked up on supplies. Turnips are among the most sought-out foods in the game, but where do you find turnip seeds? For that, you’ll have to get your boots muddy.

Where to Find Turnip Seeds in Valheim

Where to find Turnip Seeds in Valheim

Turnip seeds in Valheim can only be found in the Swamp biome. Look around the swamps for a small yellow flower growing out of the mud — these are Seed-Turnips, which each drop three Turnip seeds. Once gathered, these seeds can be grown and propagated in your home garden using the Cultivator.

Once you establish your turnip garden, you’ll finally have a sustainable source of food. However, unlike berries and fruit, you can’t simply eat a turnip to gain health. Instead, you can use them to make Turnip Stew, one of the best healing recipes in Valheim.

Turnips are useful not just for you to eat, but also to help feed your animals. You can feed turnips to wild boars in order to tame them. Make sure you toss the turnip close enough to the boar for them to eat it without drawing their aggro. After the boar starts to eat the turnip, you can start the somewhat complicated taming process.

Keep in mind that you also can’t grow turnips anywhere that you want. Just like in real life, you need to be in the proper climate and conditions to grow certain plants. In Valheim, you can’t grow turnips in the cold air and rocky soil of the Mountain biome. Otherwise, the ground simply needs to be cultivated before the seed is planted.

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Written by Andrew Smith