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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to Get Guns

how to get guns

Watch Dogs: Legion is an open-world, futuristic action game, so of course we’re going to get oodles of guns! But, the question is, how? We actually don’t get a shop or anything that let’s us buy the guns ourselves, like GTA for example. That’s because we’re really working on unique mechanics here! So, here’s how to get different weapons in Legion.

How to Get Guns in Watch Dogs: Legion

To get more guns in Watch Dogs: Legion, you need to recruit more Operatives! You will get more guns and other weapons whenever you recruit a new character. Before you start recruiting an Operative, you’ll want to check them out to see what kind of weapons they are carrying to decide if they’d be a good target. After being recruited, you can use their weapons (and their skills with the weapon) to best create a squad.

Police officers, weapons dealers, and security guards are the most obvious way to gain access to basic guns. They have the access and the weapons on them to arm up your squad, which is super useful! So try to get these enforcer units onto your squad so you can have your basic firearms.

However, there are other classes of NPCs that are significantly cooler, and tend to have better weapons. The Hitman, for example, his fantastic weapons and great skills for taking on encounters and quickly taking down opponents. Other characters have non-firearm options, but still allow you to use their gadgets once you grab them.

The Beekeeper, for example, can send robotic bees at enemies to stun and damage opponents. Hackers have a similar role and instead of just giving you firearms, they give you a ton of gadgets and great utility. Look for characters that have weapons or gadgets on them that you’re looking for, since they all have unique playstyles!

But, also remember, you’re going to have some trouble keeping them alive! Always keep your eyes open for new recruits, and remember, if you’re playing with permadeath on they don’t come back once they die.

Written by Andrew Smith