15 Vintage Video Games That Deserve a Remake Immediately

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In the video game world, there are two types of games: ultra-popular games that stand the test of time and get remade into oblivion with each new console release and cult classic games that fly under the radar that desperately need remakes for today’s generation! In a recent forum discussion, gamers talked about these obscure games begging for a remake. So I’ve assembled some of their more intriguing suggestions into an easy-to-digest list for any avid gamer.

1. F-Zero

F-Zero Maximum Velocity
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First released in 1990 for the Super NES, F-Zero captivated a generation of gamers with its full-speed-ahead approach to futuristic racing. The graphics pushed the Super NES to the max in the 90s, and although it has seen a few sequels since then, a full-on remake is a salivating thought for countless gamers!

Imagine F-Zero running at 200+ frames per second on a modern console or PC – that’s the stuff dreams are made of. However, Nintendo is notoriously protective of its original intellectual property, as many gamers admit this remake will sadly never see the light of day. 

2. ToeJam & Earl

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Nothing represented the zany quirkiness of the 90s like the Sega Genesis cult classic ToeJam & Earl. Although the isometric platformer wasn’t a perfect video game, its irreverent charm always put a smile on gamers’ faces. Judging by the toxicity in modern video game communities, putting smiles on people’s faces should be what video game remakes should be all about! 

3. Black & White

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Released over 20 years ago, Black & White was perhaps too ambitious for its time: its user interface-less game design had gamers playing the role of a god who can only interact with a small pet. Furthermore, how you interacted with that pet would cause evolutionary shifts – for example, being a benevolent god would eventually cause your pet to become evil.

Many gamers believe this concept is overdue for a remake. “I would love to see that concept again with modern advances in AI and network play,” explains one gamer. “With games as jam-packed with content as they are now, it could really be a crazy interesting game.”

4. Blue Stinger

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As one of the first survival horror games many people had ever played, Blue Stinger significantly impacted many people’s lives. Although games like Resident Evil are far more popular these days, many gamers have a soft spot for one of the genre’s innovators. A remake would be just the thing to shine some much-needed light on the game.

5. Unreal

Unreal Tournament is one of the best FPS games ever made. Period.
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Unfortunately, the backend engine created to run the game (Unreal Engine, in the most obvious naming nomenclature ever) is more well-known in 2023 than the original game itself! The Unreal Engine has powered some of the genre’s most popular games. According to many gamers, if this trailblazing first-person shooter was remade correctly in today’s gaming landscape, people would be blown away.

6. Civilization 

Civilization II
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Civilization created an entirely new genre of games when it burst onto the scene in 1991. For the first time, players could attempt to take over the world in real-time with unique battle strategies and gameplay elements. Civilization was the video game equivalent of the classic board game Risk. “They just need to make another strategy game where I can conquer the world and set up major dynasties and have cutscenes of battles being won or lost!” laments one gamer.

7. Avatar: The Last Airbender

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One person gives a compelling reason for wanting Avatar: The Last Airbender to be remade: he calls it one of the most incredible games he’s ever played! Okay then; that type of enthusiasm is plenty enough reason for Avatar to be placed on this list. Released in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii, Avatar had a lasting effect on this particular gamer.

8. Maniac Mansion

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Released in 1987 for PCs, Maniac Mansion can be summed up in one word: weird! The point-and-click graphic adventure had some of the most clever and irreverent humor to ever appear in a video game, and many gamers would love to see it remade soon. With so many games feeling like they’re carbon copies of each other, the originality of a game like Maniac Mansion being released in the present day would be a breath of fresh air. 

9. Skate or Die

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Although the Tony Hawk skateboarding video games commanded most of the attention of gamers in the 90s and 2000s, Skate or Die flew under the radar as a cult classic in its own right. With clever gameplay mechanics and a killer soundtrack in its own right, gamers are clamoring for a remake today. We can’t let Tony Hawk have all the attention after all these years, can we?

10. WarCraft

Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness
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Sometimes classic games need to be modernized for a new generation. According to many gamers, the WarCraft series is a perfect candidate. “Remake the entire game to include water units and use maps that resemble real-world areas and regions,” one woman suggests.

“It would be awesome, and people would love it.” She’s not wrong – moving away from the fictional characters and storylines of WarCraft and giving the game a realistic twist would provide the fledgling series a fierce shot in the arm!

11. Kirby’s Air Ride

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
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When it comes to Nintendo’s Kirby franchise, one thing comes to mind: its passionate fanbase! While fans of Kirby undoubtedly support any Kirby game being remade, Kirby’s Air Ride – the ubiquitous racer released for the GameCube in 2003 to plenty of positive reviews – has plenty of momentum to be a success in 2023. 

12. Robot Alchemic Drive

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Only a few gamers are familiar with Robot Alchemic Drive, but that’s okay! More than a few people made this game a prime candidate to be remade. When it was released for the Sony Playstation 2, a small segment of gamers were enamored with its mecha-robot, city-protecting gameplay highlighted by a unique control system.

The player would control his robot via the shoulder buttons for a whole new level of immersion. If it were released today on modern hardware, the sky would be the limit for this innovative game! 

13. Lost Kingdoms

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While Lost Kingdoms‘ claim to fame is incorporating an innovative genre-bending strategy game with almost too many gameplay elements to count, many people express shock and disappointment that this game has never been properly remade. “A real-time third-person, action, deck-building game with collection, crafting, and evolution elements?” asked one gamer. “I’d pay for this game on day one!”

14. WCW/NWO Revenge

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Hailed as one of the best professional wrestling video games ever, WCW/NWO Revenge still has fans in 2023. The game has a popular modding community behind it that is still going strong, providing essential character updates on a regular basis. However, many fans are calling for the game to be remade not for upgraded graphics but for the ability to officially play with current pro wrestlers – the game’s engine is that darn good.

15. Xenogears

Photo Credit: Square Enix

When it comes to an engaging story, no game captured the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide more than Xenogears. Since its release in 1998 for the Playstation, gamers have been begging for the original development team to helm a proper remake. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done: two of the game’s leading writers left Square, the game’s developer, many years ago. Still, gamers can dream, can’t they?

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