20 PC Games We Want to Play on Xbox

20 PC Games We Want to Play on Xbox

The possibilities are endless when considering which PC games could arrive on Xbox. The desires start to run wild following Phil Spencer’s comments on potentially inviting third-party game stores. Whether this concerns Steam, Epic Games Store, or, there’s no doubt many games can come to mind.

Which games would likely arrive on Xbox platforms if third-party PC game stores were to come to console? We’re looking at 20 we’d like to see on an Xbox dashboard. There’s one for every player, from known indies to popular AAA titles.

New World

New World by Amazon Games
Image Credit: Amazon Games

New World was released in 2021 by Amazon Games, and it rocked the PC/MMORPG gaming scene. Set in the fictional world of Aeternum, players traverse a gigantic open world filled to the brim with exciting activities. From completing extensive quests to engaging in epic battles, New World united players across three unique factions.

However, New World is a busy MMORPG game. It’s one where players are in charge of managing various items and quest orders. Some may not be too accustomed to it, though other MMORPGs are available to play on Xbox consoles.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Best MMORPG we are playing right now
Photo Credit: Electronic Arts.

Speaking of MMORPGs, Star Wars: The Old Republic is another we should mention. This open-world game has existed longer than New World, released in 2011. Since that launch, The Old Republic has administered countless updates to keep players thoroughly engaged.

As long as players can work around the inventories, miracles could transpire. We’ve seen Baldur’s Gate 3 make its way to Xbox with changes to its UI. There’s a chance that The Old Republic could take a similar route.

Lethal Company

First Person Combat in Lethal Company
Image Credit: Zeekerss.

Tackling unconventional psychological horror with your buddies in Lethal Company is always good fun. By scavenging moons for the appropriately named corporation, the Company, players embark on dangerous missions. But the thrill is infused with countless anxiety-driven moments best experienced with a squad of friends.

While Lethal Company is still in early access development, it’s a ton of fun to play for hours. The art style and gameplay suit the Xbox crowd perfectly when compared to other digital ventures.

The Forest

Entering a Cave in The Forest
Image Credit: Endnight Games.

The Forest and its 2024 sequel, Sons of the Forest, are well-known among PC crowds. Their haunting atmosphere, splashed and intertwined with gritty survival action, makes them noteworthy gaming experiences. Since PlayStation players got to try out The Forest, why shouldn’t Xbox aficionados give it a shot?

There are plenty of other survival games Xbox folks can install and play through. The Forest is a reasonable suggestion, given its survival mechanics and replayability. But hey, we’re just making wishes around here, right?

Death Stranding

Death Stranding on PlayStation
Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This is a strange one. While Death Stranding is playable on Game Pass for PC, it’s not the case for console owners. This is because 505 Games owns the publishing rights for the game’s PC version. So, if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription and a PC, you can dive in.

However, Sony doesn’t seem interested in bringing the game to Xbox consoles. Sony has its reasons, and Xbox has its own, yet Phil Spencer could shake things up. It’s a PC and PlayStation game we’d love to see and play on an Xbox system.

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Flamethrower being used
Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

We won’t delve into any further PlayStation titles that made their way to the PC world, but with one exception. Since Kratos, Nathan Drake, Ratchet, and Clank likely won’t appear on Xbox consoles, we don’t see the harm in inviting Helldivers 2 to join the Xbox family.

Many players have commented that dropping onto alien planets with their friends reminds them of simpler times. For some, it’s the Xbox 360 generation of multiplayer games; it welcomes a familiar thrill of cooperative action. It’s an ideal gaming title for Xbox consoles; players can’t get enough of Managed Democracy in Helldivers 2.

Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles storefront
Image Credit: PlayWithFurcifer.

Backpack Battles has grown into a charming indie game many adore. Who could’ve imagined decking out a backpack with insane items would be such a treat? We certainly enjoy crafting new items to underhand our opponents in the best possible ways.

It’s another game in early access development, but it’s easily one we can see appearing on Xbox platforms. In truth, given the game’s presentation, it’s justifiable to believe it’s playable for players sometime in the future. We’ve seen other PC indie titles make their way to Xbox, even without a third-party store.

BattleBit Remastered

BattleBit Remastered PC Gameplay
Image Credit: SgtOkiDoki.

Since we’re in the spirit of third-party stores and their unique inventories, we turn our heads to BattleBit Remastered. Revered as a “good, old-fashioned team shooter,” BattleBit Remastered takes the Battlefield formula and pixelizes it. A grand-scale action shooter built entirely of voxels.

If you’re a Battlefield fan but need something different, then BattleBit Remastered delivers. We wonder why it’s not already available to play on Xbox, let alone consoles. It’s an early-access game, too, so console ports might be implemented sometime in the future.


RuneScape on PC via Steam
Image Credit: Jagex.

The one we played in computer class, where anyone could sign up and embark on quests with each other: RuneScape. Over the years, RuneScape has embraced some evolutions. Mobile phone ports, Old School RuneScape’s introduction, and other historical entries make RuneScape a game even your grandmother might know about.

With this in mind, we’d like to see RuneScape running on an Xbox console. The graphics and gameplay translation shouldn’t be an issue since it’s a classic MMORPG. Some folks already play it on the couch; switching up the systems wouldn’t be a problem.


GTFO Gunplay
Image Credit: 10 Chambers.

The Steam page for GTFO warns players that a severe challenge awaits them. This isn’t your commonplace run-and-gun shooter, where players fight or die together. GTFO employs a grimy gameplay loop of cooperative action infused with horror. It’s addicting, yet the terror can strike any unsuspecting player who faces the shadows.

Xbox players love to team up and take down vicious villains and creatures. GTFO provides a playground for this desire and plenty of scares to throw at players.

Ready or Not

Intense Combat in Ready or Not for PC
Image Credit: VOID Interactive

Let’s pull back the real horror curtain and showcase Ready or Not for a minute here. Ready or Not is a team-based tactical shooter serving as a spiritual successor to the SWAT series. By blending intense gunplay and panic-inducing criminal scenarios, this game infiltrates fear and precision.

Ready or Not has received criticism from the media for depicting realistic violence. This may deter some players from trying it out, but it’s an insanely popular PC game. Controversy doesn’t seem to have halted its recent rise to fame.

Black Mesa

Gordon Freeman Suit in Half-Life remake, Black Mesa
Image Credit: Crowbar Collective

Half-Life may be an influential piece of entertainment, yet the graphics could turn some players off. Thankfully, its Black Mesa remake gives fans and newcomers the proper treatment to experience Half-Life in the modern age. And since The Orange Box (2007) didn’t include the first Half-Life game, Black Mesa would be perfect to introduce.

Whether you’re an FPS gaming enthusiast or have always been intrigued by Half-Life from afar, Black Mesa is the way to go.

Postal 2

Postal 2 PC Gameplay Featuring Gary Coleman
Image Credit: Running With Scissors.

The Postal franchise has trembled down a unique path regarding its evolution. While some players don’t view the series similarly, Postal 2 remains a classic. This chaotic FPS takes players into the life of The Postal Dude as they engage in various ridiculous objectives across a non-linear open world. From Gary Coleman’s autographs and signing petitions to causing absolute mayhem, Postal 2 executes carnage on a euphoric level.

Postal 2 is either a game you’ve played through with bloody results or heard/seen others enjoy. It’s a game we’d love to watch and play on an Xbox.

Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge: Unboxed Gameplay
Image Credit: Digital Cybercherries.

Social media might be responsible for spotlighting Hypercharge: Unboxed, which can instill nostalgia upon a first look. It’s a game where players control action figures while engaging in third-person combat. Is it a Toy Story fever dream with guns? A modern gaming realization of the Small Soldiers film from 1998? Or is it pure imagination translated into a video game?

Whatever the case, Hypercharge: Unboxed offers a toybox filled with thrilling action. With local and online co-op, it’d be an excellent fit for Xbox players. It plays and feels like an authentic multiplayer game that can rack in hours of gameplay.

Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors Action Roguelike PC Gameplay
Image Credit: Game Smithing.

It was surprising that Soulstone Survivors isn’t playable on any Xbox platforms. It’s a roguelike bullet hell extravaganza, one of which is powered by addicting gameplay. If you’re a fan of Vampire Survivors, Soulstone Survivors will make you feel right at home.

Soulstone Survivors is another game we’d be interested in playing on Xbox. There are only a few bullet hell games like Vampire Survivors that Xbox folks can play on a Microsoft platform.


Operative in Caliber for PC
Image Credit: 1С-777 Limited.

Everyone loves free content, and Caliber is another free-to-play shooter players should check out. It’s a squad-based action game that offers first and third-person gunplay, with PvP, PvE, and PvPvE options to choose from. It’s a newer game with a 2023 release for reference. 

Especially for players who aren’t in the mood to spend money, Caliber is a solid shooter to check out. The game is still receiving updates, with new events and operators to explore.

Beyond Sunset

Cyberpunk world of Beyond Sunset
Image Credit: Movie Games.

Boomer shooters are always a joy to play, and Beyond Sunset delivers the juice in a bombastic way. You play as Lucy, an enhanced street samurai in Sunset City, set in a cyberpunk world. Brought to life by pixel graphics, Beyond Sunset is a short yet thrilling adventure all cyberpunk fans will enjoy.

In addition to bringing Beyond Sunset into this list, only 116 Steam reviews are live as of this writing. Even with its low review count, it holds a Very Positive status.


Cultic Gameplay
Image Credit: 3D Realms.

Speaking of pixel graphics and boomer shooters, we’re including Cultic in the mix. Published by 3D Realms, the publisher known for delivering various retro titles, Cultic is an instant classic. It takes the glory of influential FPS games and brings it into the current generation; Cultic rips and tears.

It’s a blast to play through, whether you want to relive the 1990s era of gaming shooters or check out something sweet and crunchy. If you’re hungry for something of a throwback, we recommend Cultic. If Xbox executives are curious about third-party PC stores, Cultic might be considered.

Poppy Playtime

Horror Gameplay of Poppy Playtime on PC
Image Credit: Mob Entertainment.

Poppy Playtime was another PC title that shook the gaming airwaves. With its tasteful blend of animatronic characters and horror, Poppy Playtime offers a terrifying playground to spend time in. Streamers fell in love with it, and it’s easy to see why.

However, Poppy Playtime is accessible elsewhere – even mobile users get to experience it! With this in mind, bringing the game onto an Xbox dashboard seems rudimentary. It’s indeed a PC game we’d love to play on Xbox one of these days.

Forever Skies

Forever Skies on PC via Steam
Image Credit: Far From Home.

Take the action to the clouds with Forever Skies, a survival post-apocalyptic game set on a broken Earth. It’s got all the survival elements you love from similar titles, like Subnautica and The Forest, and then some. With an airship to manage and resources to collect, adventure awaits those who brave a new Earth.

Forever Skies is something familiar yet something new. Its sci-fi setting makes it feel right at home with Xbox players.


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