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All Dead Island 2 Weapons Listed (Best Weapons)

Electrocutor Officer’s Sword

Taking place in a zombie-infested California, Dead Island 2 is a first-person action game. You’ll need to fight your way through hordes of zombies using a variety of weapons at your disposal to survive. Both melee and ranged weaponry, as well as several unique weapons that can assist you in changing the course of the battle, are featured in the game.

Best Weapons for Dead Island 2

Melee Weapons Profiles in Dead Island 2
Image Credit: SirFlaw

There are a few things to consider when selecting the best weaponry in Dead Island 2. First, you should start by searching for weapons that deal a lot of damage. This is crucial when dealing with stronger foes like the Ram or the Butcher. You should seek out weapons with a high durability rating, as well. 

Of course, You don’t want your firearm to malfunction during a zombie apocalypse. The speed and precision of a weapon should also be taken into account. You can rapidly and effectively take out foes by using a fast weapon with reasonable accuracy. But all those metrics go out the door when you finally get your hands on Emma’s Wrath.

After completing the final mission in Dead Island 2, players get to wield the best weapon in the game. This behemoth of a sledgehammer carries the Legendary tag. You can’t dismantle, sell or scrap it.

This weapon is top-tier at clearing out hordes of zombies simultaneously. Pre-equipped with the Superior Melee Impactor mod and two perks, users can add two other perks to suit their play style with this bulldozer class weapon.

Melee Weapon Profiles in Dead Island 2

Melee Weapons Profiles in Dead Island 2
Image Credit: Deep Silver
  1. Maiming: All hits on limbs are critical hits and provide additional damage. When you maim an enemy, weapons also acquire stamina.
  2. Frenzy: As you connect more hits together, fast attack weapons accelerate. All of your assaults will automatically become critical for a brief period of time if you receive enough hits in a row. Frenzy weapons charge heavy attacks more quickly as well. 
  3. Bulldozer: All heavy attacks deal extra stability damage to stun zombies more quickly and are critical assaults. All zombies nearby will suffer damage if you throw them. 
  4. Headhunter: All headshots are critical and hefty attacks increase agility without slowing you down while charging. 

Ranged Weapon Profiles in Dead Island 2

Ranged Weapons Profiles in Dead Island 2
Image Credits: Deep Silver
  1. Demolition: You develop resilience while reloading; shots on helpless or dazed zombies are always crucial. 
  2. Rapid-fire: Fast shooting weapons where scoring consecutive hits improves accuracy until every hit becomes crucial for some time. 
  3. Tactical: Defensive actions speed up your movement and reloading, and they grant you a brief window during which every hit counts as a critical hit. 
  4. Sharpshooter: Slow to fire, but head and limb hits are always critical hits for the sharpshooter. Additional harm is also done by aiming down the sights.

Legendary and Unique Weapons in Dead Island 2

Legendary and Unique Weapons in Dead Island 2
Image Credit: Deep Silver
  1. Emma’s Wrath: Complete the Dead Island 2 campaign to obtain this legendary weapon. 
  2. Blood Rage: Finish the Fool’s Gold Lost and Found quest at the Santa Monica Pier to earn Blood Rage. 
  3. Bodycount: Finish the Venice Beach Redacted Lost and Found mission. 
  4. Big Shot: Finish the mission in Bel Air titled It’s Not Your Fault. 
  5. Party Starter: Complete the Drunk and Disorderly quest in Ocean Avenue to start the party.
  6. Black Magic: Complete Lockbox Reward (Venice Beach)
  7. Brutalilzer: Complete the Body Art (Bel Air) Side quest.
  8. Extinction Event: Finish the Story Mission: Justifiable Zomicide (Beverly Hills)
  9. Fenrir’s Howl: To obtain this weapon, complete the Twitch Drops.
  10. Gastric Bypass: It is a rare weapon; you must complete Lockbox Reward (Venice Beach) to acquire it.
  11. Jade Dragon: Complete the Side Quest of The Terror of Sound Stage 7 (Monarch Studios)
  12. Krakatoa: You must complete the Lost and Found: Missing: Steve mission.
  13. O-Kami and Whiskey: Finish the side quest of The Ballad of Rikky Rex (Beverly Hills)

How to Unlock Guns in Dead Island 2

Justifiable Zombicide
Image Credit: Deep Silver.

Players in Dead Island 2 must finish the Justifiable Zombicide mission, the tenth overall plot task, to unlock firearms. Depending on how long they explore Hell-A, it could take players anywhere from 5 to 10 hours to reach this stage in the narrative, but nothing so far is particularly challenging.

The Sporting Rifle, a semi-automatic weapon best used at range, is located in the gun collector’s home, where you will meet up with Sam B after completing the assignment. The next task is exterminating all zombies, including a Screamer, from the garden. Aim for the heads to deal critical damage, as you’d know if you’ve ever played or watched anything with zombies.

Once Justifiable Zombicide is complete, firearms will be unlocked and begin to appear in the world as drops and sporadic treasure. They are fairly diverse as well.

  1. Pistol.
  2.  Machine Pistol.
  3.  Nailgun.
  4.  Revolver.
  5.  Shotgun.
  6.  Sporting Rifle.
  7.  Burst-Fire Carbine.

New weapons can occasionally be purchased from vendors and obtained as task rewards (assist Curtis at his Bel-Air mansion early on to get an awesome weapon finally).

At workbenches, players can level-upgrade their weapons and add numerous mods and perks to provide them useful bonuses, such as status effects like fire damage and electricity. If you have the blueprint typically acquired from a merchant, you can even make your own ammunition at a workbench. However, remember that almost all of them require gunpowder, a very scarce resource.


Dead Island 2‘s weapons require time and practice to become trained with, but the work is well worth it. You may defeat even the most difficult foes and escape the zombie apocalypse by picking the appropriate weapons, upgrading and modifying them, and using them skillfully. So grab your preferred weapon and get ready to battle the legions of the dead.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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