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Destiny 2 | How to Upgrade Weapons

Destiny 2 - How to Upgrade Weapons

Destiny 2 has a very complicated and sometimes archaic weapon system. While the game has gotten consistent updates, some of its mechanics can end up falling to the wayside. One mechanic that has been cluttered out of the menu is the upgrade weapons feature. That’s right; you don’t have to just constantly replace your weapons if you like yours. Instead, you can keep your weapons updated by spending resources and other weapons! If you’re wondering how that works, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Destiny 2

How to Upgrade Weapons in Destiny 2

To upgrade a gun in Destiny 2, simply open your inventory and select the weapon of your choice. Head to the “infuse” button, which will be just under the “mods” heading. You’ll see the available gear that you can infuse into your selected weapon, as well as the cost in Glimmer and the other resource, which is typically Legendary Shards. Once you have the resources, simply choose the weapon that you’d like to infuse and spend the dough!

Infusion takes the base power level of a weapon that you have and slams it into another weapon. You can do the same with armor for a similar result. This will let you take an old piece of gear and upgrade its base power to the new level of your character. It is a bit complicated, but usually, if you select a weapon that you’ve gotten recently – and especially from pinnacle gear – you’ll get a definite upgrade.

Infusion is rather expensive, though. You’ll need to find a weapon of the same type as your gun in order to infuse. And, you’ll also need some consumables. Glimmer is easy to farm, but Legendary Shards can be a bit more annoying. Nightmare Containment activities are a great source, and destroying legendary weapons that you don’t care about is also a good idea. Check your vault to see if you can clear out some garbage! But be sure to look at vendor missions before you do something too extreme.

If you’re interested in the firearms from the newest season, one of our personal favorites is the Stormchaser.

Written by Andrew Smith