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Dying Light 2 New Game Plus | Can You Continue Playing?

Dying Light 2 New Game Plus Mode Guide

With the supposed conclusion to Dying Light 2, some may speculate what the future may hold for the citizens of Villedor. After interacting with so many supporting characters and creating story-based decisions, what in the world can happen now for Aiden? After you complete the game, it’s easy to ponder if the Dying Light 2 will have a New Game Plus mode? Well,  after officially completing the game in its entirety, we have an answer for you.

Does Dying Light 2 Have New Game Plus Mode?

Does Dying Light 2 Have New Game Plus Mode?

Technically, there is no New Game Plus mode for Dying Light 2, but you can surely continue to help the folks of Villedor through uncompleted side quests and random encounters. The game dials back the final moments of the game that allow the player to complete any uncompleted objectives to their leisure. With the insane amount of hours one player can commit to for the narrative, it can be tempting to move past the side quests. But rest assured, once you finish the main storyline, you’ll be able to jump back into your game to finish any undone business.

Villedor is littered with citizens who seek your assistance, and thankfully their requests don’t wipe away after the game’s finale.


A certain bombing will occur in Villedor after certain events trigger through the storyline. Depending on what you do, most likely you’ll be walking away from Villedor to contain your infection and avoid any further spreading. But Techland allows you to jump jack into Villedor to finish up any uncompleted missions. It won’t affect the story; the continuation is merely implemented to keep you playing until the DLC launches.

Additionally, you can always link up with your best mates online to help them on their missions. The extra experience points accumulation is worthwhile if you’re aiming to max out your Aiden with both Combat and Parkour skills.

But, at the of this writing, there is no New Game Plus feature that is currently implemented with Dying Light 2. Perhaps, some of the DLC content will unlock such a feature, but only expect to finish up the side quests in the game’s way of presenting a New Game Plus experience.

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Written by Andrew Smith