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Elden Ring Black Bow | Where to Find

Elden Ring Black Bow - Where to Find

Elden Ring has one build that can be extremely fun in well-trained hands: bows! Shooting enemies in this fast-paced game is difficult, so finding the right equipment is critical. Of all of the bows in Elden Ring, the Black Bow might be the strongest option. This quality bow should be on your radar for any serious bow build. So, let’s talk about where to find it and why it happens to be so useful.

Where to Find the Black Bow in Elden Ring

Where to Find the Black Bow in Elden Ring

The Black Bow is located in Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring. From the Avenue Balcony site of grace in the center of the capital, head back out into the street and run north-east. Head down through the elevator and jump on the roof to the right of the staircase. Jump from roof-to-roof, heading south-west towards the bridge. You’ll see a purple item on a corpse on the side of a building, pointed towards the North, which will have the Black Bow on it.

This longbow is incredibly unique, in that it fires like a short bow. Short bows in Elden Ring fire much faster than standard bows, and can be shot in the air and then quickly shot again when you land. This bow also has solid scaling, reaching D in both Strength and Dexterity. While that may not sound like a lot, it’s actually the epitome of what Bows get to in Elden Ring. Since it scales better than a short bow while shooting as fast as them, it’s hard to beat the Black Bow in terms of safe, high DPS. Combine it with an Arrow’s Sting Talisman and you’ll be able to put out a lot of consistent damage. Just practice that jump-shot!

The faster attack speed makes the Black Bow a reasonable for causing buildup of status, like Rot and Frost.

That being said, it technically is not the highest scaling bow. The Pulley Bow has more base damage, making it more useful for sniping builds.

Written by Andrew Smith