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Elden Ring | How to Sprint

Elden Ring - How to Sprint

Being able to sprint is a critical part of Elden Ring. Moving fast in dungeons will allow you to move past traps, get to your next location quickly, and ambush unsuspecting enemies. But, FromSoft has never made it simple to find the sprint button. If you skip through tutorials or just haven’t played in a while, it might be difficult to know what you need to press to sprint in Elden Ring. Don’t worry, though! We have your back.

How to Sprint in Elden Ring

How to Sprint in Elden Ring

The Sprint key, by default, is the same button as the Dodge button in Elden Ring. You have to hold down the button while moving in any direction in order to sprint. Otherwise, you will simply dodge or backstep. Sprinting is the only way to access certain running attacks in Elden Ring, but is not required to jump, unlike other Dark Souls-like titles.

By default, this button is mapped to the same button as dodging. This is B for Xbox, O for PlayStation, or Space for PC. Hold this down to activate the maximum movement speed that your character has access to. That is, without your horse, at least.

Sprinting is required for dungeons, since Torrent can’t access indoor locations. This means that holding dodge is needed if you want to move quickly in any meaningful way. Get used to this; you’ll be sprinting a lot if you want to backtrack through any dungeon.

Thankfully, unlike Dark Souls games in the past, Elden Ring does not require you to run before you can jump. The only action that sprinting grants access to is a unique running attack. These are relatively quick options that leave you open for some time. They are most useful in PvE to attack enemies quickly, but some weapons have a sprint attack that can be used to bait reactions in PvP.

We hope this helped you start to move quickly through Elden Ring. Here are a few other guides that can help you through the early game!

Written by Andrew Smith