The Lock Grip Precision-40 Is Completely Broken in Warzone 2

The Lock Grip Precision-40 Is Completely Broken in Warzone 2
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 Warzone’s first has been going on for so long that I feel trapped in Groundhog Day. We’re still discovering new things about the game. While most of the player base is running the FTAC Ripper as the preferred underbarrel of choice. I’m here to tell you that there is a statistically better underbarrel that we all need to switch to immediately: the Lock Grip Precision-40.

The good people over at have been working tirelessly to get us real data on what the attachments are actually doing to your guns. In-game, it’s hard to tell what’s actually going on. The green bars don’t really paint the whole picture. And there are plenty of attachments that say they do the same thing but have different stats. Let’s talk further about this Warzone 2 attachment. 

The Lockgrip Precision-40 is the new underbarrel of choice. If you look at the data-mined stats. The FTAC Ripper reduces recoil by .05%, making it one of the best underbarrel you can use. Yes, now that we have the raw statistics, we can see that the Lockgrip reduces recoil by a whopping .09%. That’s almost an entire attachment worth of recoil reduction just from swapping this one thing! Of course, since recoil patterns are semi-random, it’s hard to tell for sure in the firing range what attachments are helping the most. But again, thanks to, we have a clear winner.

Discussing Other Attachments Beyond the Lock Grip Precision-40

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In regards to other attachments not named the Lock Grip Precision-40, I encourage you to visit the website and tune your guns for what’s most important. You’ll want more bullet velocity and recoil control for the long-range meta. You’ll lean more towards movement speed and aim down sight time for short range. So let’s take one last look at the meta king loadout for season one with the new stats.

The Current RPK Build Reduces recoil by 18% with these attachments (Maybe even more with the appropriate weapon tuning). That results in an incredible 1300 bullet velocity but a painful 600 ms aim down sight speed. You can swap the rear grip for a laser if you don’t have a problem with the super long-range engagements.

And where would we be without the Fennec? This SMG has quickly risen to the top with the fastest time to kill in the game. Beating out the MP5 and Vaznev, but only barely. If no other changes occur, I expect those two to rise to the top when this gun eventually hits a weapon rebalancing act. I opt for a compensator to help keep recoil down as much as possible without hurting other stats like an underbarrel will. Since firing unsuppressed weapons no longer reveal your position on the mini-map, I only use them for the extra bullet velocity and damage range.

There we have it, all you need to know to help secure your next Warzone victory thanks to the Lock Grip Precision-40. I expect significant changes from Raven Software at the start of Season 2, February 15th. So keep an eye out for the new meta, how to build the new weapons, and any other possible changes.


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