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Genshin Impact | How To Beat Pyro Regisvine

Pyro Regisvine

Pyro Regisvine is one of the six elite bosses in Genshin Impact and is also the sole source of several items required for accessions. Not only is this boss challenging to beat, but it also requires the player to attack them in a certain way. But don’t worry because if you keep reading, you will find out everything you need to know on how to defeat Pyro Regisvine.

How to Beat Pyro Regisvine in Genshin Impact

Pyro Regisvine

To beat Pyro Regisvine, you need to utilize a lot of ranged attacks, similar to the Oceanid boss. Along with this, you will also need to combine several attack types that include Ice, Water, and Lighting at specific parts of Pyro Regisvine. But before you can think about defeating this boss, you first must know where to find Pyro Regisvine.

Pyro Regisvine is found in a large circular arena that is between Luhua Pool and Tianqiu Valley. The name for this location is Cuijue Slope, and it is in Liyue. The boss will be in the middle of the location. After you find him, follow the steps and tips below to beat him.

Steps and Tips To Beat Pyro Regisvine

  • Use characters with range attacks to target Pyro Regisvine’s core, it’s the part closest to the ground. This will disable the boss after a few hits, thus allowing you to melee it for massive damage.
  • Utilize lighting attacks to help stun it, and combine them with ice and water to deal massive damage to the boss.
  • Use Hydro characters like Baraba and Mona, as their basic attack will deal a lot of damage.
  • After disabling Pyro Regisvine, it will get back up after a while, and when it does, you will need to aim for its head with either range or melee attacks.
  • Keep an eye out for its attack patterns as this will help you to avoid most of its attacks

To recap, in order to beat Pyro Regisvine, you must focus on its bottom part with ranged attacks, deal damage when it’s down, and then go after its head. Keep this up, and you will eventually beat Pyro Regisvine.

Hopefully, by following these steps you will defeat this boss with no problems at all. But before you jump back into the game, be sure to check out some of our other guides for Genshin Impact:

Written by Andrew Smith