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Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance | How to Complete

Hitman 3 - How to complete Domestic Disturbance

Hitman 3 offers a ton of different ways to kill every target. From traditional murder to slipping on a banana peel, Agent 47 can do it all. So, when you’re looking for new ways to destroy your targets, you might fall upon some juicy secrets. In the Mendoza level, Agent 47 can cause a domestic disturbance, prompting Don Yates’ wife to eliminate him for you. So, if you’re achievement hunting or hunting for funny kills, this guide will help you complete the Domestic Disturbance challenge.

Hitman 3 Mendoza | How to Complete Domestic Disturbance Challenge

Hitman 3 - How to complete Domestic Disturbance

You have two primary goals if you want to complete the Domestic Disturbance challenge. First, you must find the documents that proves that Don Yates ruined his wife’s career. Then, you must deliver the documents to her. She will kill her husband for you, eliminating one of the primary targets for your mission.

So, how do you get the documents? You’ll need to get to the Yates’ basement to find the safe with the documents in them. If you completed Closing Statement, there should be a shortcut for you in the backyard. If not, you can find the basement key on a desk in the upstairs bedroom.

Head to the basement, being sure to wear a security guard disguise as you do so. There’s a wall safe between the wine racks. Put in the code 2006 to open it up, which awards you with the “Scandal” challenge. That’s part one. Now head outside.

You’ll find Mrs. Yates outside, normally in the backyard. She’s in a bright yellow dress, so she isn’t too hard to find. Walk up to her, and Agent 47 will talk about finding files she may want to read. Once she outstretches her hand, interact with her to give her the files. With that done, all you need to do is sit back and watch the show.

After combing through the files, she’ll become very angry with her husband. She’ll seek him out for an argument, then kill him by flinging him off a balcony. Bam, that’s one target down and the Domestic Disturbance challenge completed.

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Written by Andrew Smith