Is Sam B in Dead Island 2? Explained

Sam B. Dead Island 1 and Dead Island 2
Image Credit: Deep Silver

The long-awaited sequel to the well-known zombie survival game Dead Island has been developing for a decade. Dead Island 2 is finally here, and many people wonder if Sam B, the beloved character from the first game, is returning, 

Yes, Sam B from the original Dead Island has made his way into the second installment after nearly ten years. Sam B is back in action in Dead Island 2, dripped out in some new threads, and ready to bash zombie brains again in Hell-A. However, he comes back with a few tweaks that have caused some uproar among the game’s fanbase. 

Sam B.’s Comeback in Dead Island 2: What to Expect?

Sam B. Dead Island 1 and Dead Island 2
Image Credit: Deep Silver

Samuel “Sam B” Blackburn is a former American rapper who became known for his chart-topping hits before the zombie apocalypse swept across the world. He was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he began his music career as a street performer.

After gaining immense popularity with his debut album, Sam B was on tour when the outbreak occurred. Stranded in Banoi, an island off the coast of Papua New Guinea, he quickly adapted to life as a survivor and became an expert at using blunt weapons to fend off zombies.

Despite being initially reluctant to join forces with other survivors due to trust issues, Sam eventually teamed up with them to save himself and others from certain doom.

With his rugged exterior and charismatic personality, Sam B quickly emerged as one of the most beloved characters among fans of Dead Island. In addition, his catchphrase, “Who do you voodoo?” has become iconic among gamers worldwide.

What Happened to Sam B. in Dead Island?

Sam B. Dead Island 1 and Dead Island 2
Image Credit: Deep Silver

In Dead Island, Sam B was a former rap star stranded on an island filled with zombies. He had to use his skills and wits to survive alongside other survivors like Xian Mei, Logan Carter, and Purna. Players learn about Sam’s troubled past throughout the game and see how he struggles with his demons. 

Because of his distinctive musical talent and physical prowess, Sam B, the one-hit wonder rapper turned zombie killer, stood out among the cast of Dead Island characters. Sam B, a playable character, adds his special skills and personality to the game. Deep Silver felt it was vital to add him back into the lineup, giving players a chance to relive the nostalgia of the first Dead Island game while navigating the new open world of Dead Island 2.

Sam B.’s Character Redesign

Sam B. Dead Island 1 and Dead Island 2
Image Credit: Deep Silver

There is a heated debate over Sam B.’s character redesign. Despite the excitement surrounding his return, the gaming community has reacted differently to Sam B’s new look. Many people strongly believe that Sam B’s overall design and appearance changes take away from the essence of the character they adored in the first game. 

Some people have even argued that the changes disrespect the original character and the supporters waiting for his comeback. Others, however, have embraced the new appearance and see it as a novel interpretation of a beloved character.

Here’s a video of your first interaction with him in the game:


Despite the mixed reactions to Sam B’s new appearance, fans are excited to see how his characters will fit into the game’s storyline and what new abilities he will bring. Deep Island 2 promises to be just as exciting and thrilling as its predecessor, with new characters, environments, and storyline twists to look forward to, giving players an unforgettable experience fighting off hordes of zombies once again.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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