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Madden 21 Pick Points | How to Get

Pick Points

Madden 21 is the newest edition to the series, and thus comes with a few new mechanics. While many players found the game similar to the new editions, the pick points currency are the newest thing to grab. And, because of that, they can be rather confusing to put together. How do you get them, and what can they be used for?

How to Earn Pick Points in Madden 21

In order to gain pick points, you have to choose between money or time. You can purchase the points from the in-game store, or you can earn them through weekly challenges.

The in-game store has a standard suite of microtransactions, with the lowest cost option at $4.99 for 250 points. As you progress up the money tree, you get more and more points for your dollar. Standard stuff, as far as microtransactions go.

Your other option doesn’t cost money. Weekly challenges are small events that you can do in order to pick up a small number of points. This option is pretty week-to-week specific and some weeks it’ll be easy, other weeks brutally hard. You’ll be able to do them no matter what, but it can take some tries without good players. The best pick point generators will be your rewards for completing daily goals and daily challenges.

Once you have a good supply of points, you can purchase player cards from the in-game store. These cards should show statistics and such. You should choose players to best round out your team’s offense and defense. Then, it’ll be easier to farm the weekly rewards for more pick points. So the frustration should go down over time.

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Written by Andrew Smith