How to Get Horses in Manor Lords

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What does it take to establish a bustling settlement with loads of citizens by your side in Manor Lords? As it turns out, it’s horses — and for a great reason. Horses, the majestic beasts so tremendously idolized in our world, are beneficial for players of Manor Lords. But how does an up-and-coming medieval lord present himself with a horse?

While you may purchase an ox or a horse, the steed delivers trading goods across regions. This makes horse ownership in Manor Lords imperative. Your settlers will undoubtedly approve of your efforts to acquire promising steads while in your lordship. So, keep reading to learn how to wrangle some for your settlement.

How to Get Horses in Manor Lords

Order for Horses in Manor Lords
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Manor Lords players can obtain horses by establishing a Hitching Post, Small Stable, or Trading Post at their settlement. You can use these three structures to submit an order for a mount directly. Click on them to view more information. For 30 Regional Wealth, a trader can deliver a horse if you have one of the three structures. However, you can only place orders once a month, so be mindful of the passing days.

The Hitching Post in this strategy game is in the Trade category in the game’s build mode, while the Trading Post is part of the Trade set. Only one piece of timber is required to build a Hitching Post; for the Trading Post, you’ll need four. To upgrade the Hitching Post to a Small Stable, you must throw in a couple of planks to complete the assembly. Your peasants can attend to a Sawpit to acquire planks from acquired timber.

All of this may take a bit of time to process. Despite Manor Lords implementing a priority feature to circumvent constructional needs, your settlers are not always attentive. With this in mind, keep an eye on the jobs you assign to your people. One may be hauling storage when they could be putting their filthy hands to good use elsewhere!

Expert Tip

Don’t be afraid to utilize the fast-forward mechanic in Manor Lords. Your time as a medieval lord is precious; thus, command the time as you see fit.

How to Get More Regional Wealth for Horses

Moreover, spending money on a horse can be daunting if you’re merely starting up your legacy in Manor Lords. Regional Wealth is a currency you trade across the regions, making it especially important to obtain. To increase your Regional Wealth, you can explore a few options.

The easiest method is to upgrade burgage plots your settlers erect to live in and avoid the cold. These require several necessities, including access to a nearby Well, a Church, and three chains of supply: Clothing, Food, and Fuel. Timber is also needed as a material, though these necessities come from other structures your settlers can build. The Church and Well formations are in the Residential section. You can find the Woodcutter’s Lodge under the Gathering category.

The Woodcutter’s Lodge fulfills the Fuel requirement. You’ll need to gather Clothing and Food from your resources and upgraded burgage plots. These include hides and edibles you can collect from deposits and hunting grounds.

Church, Well, and Woodcutter’s Lodge Requirements

Of course, the Church, Well, and Woodcutter’s Lodge need their own sets of materials. For this, refer to the following list for construction purposes:

  • Church – 5 Timber, 20 Planks, and 10 Stone
  • Well – 1 Timber
  • Woodcutter’s Lodge – 1 Timber

To obtain stone in Manor Lords, assemble your settlers to establish a Stonecutter Camp via the Mining section of the build menu. Much like with the other stations, the settlers will go out to gather stone when they aren’t resting, eating, praying, and so on. However, if you’re starting the game, nearby abandoned supplies may fill that void until you’re ready to assemble new structures for your settlement.

The other method of obtaining Regional Wealth is demolishing bandit camps across the regions. To do this, refer to your map and locate any campsites you wish to raid. These have distinctive icons, though there won’t be many at a time. Bandits are known for stealing resources, too, which will happen early in your playthrough.

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Therefore, the final method is to export your ill-gotten goods, which the horses assist with. You’ll want to do this when you’ve got a working settlement, not when you’re low on resources. Keep this in mind whenever winter comes around in Manor Lords. Your settlers will need sufficient fuel and food to sustain the weather. Not only will they be pleased if they survive the winter, but you’ll also attain the “Survive the First Year” achievement.


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