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Minecraft | How to Whisper

minecraft how to whisper message

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and it’s likely to keep that mantle for even longer. Honestly, it’s probably more fitting to say that Minecraft is more of a phenomenon than a game at this point. From all the work that’s been put into the game from players, developers and even modders, there’s really nothing like it. Even though the game has been around for a long time at this point, there are still new players joining every day that don’t know everything. There are certain things, like how to whisper, that they might not have figured out yet. Fortunately, we can help out.

How to Whisper in Minecraft

How to whisper in Minecraft

Whispering, also known as messaging or more simply the msg command, is a chat tool that allows players to directly message one another without other players seeing the chat. This is a useful tool if you are pranking another player or you are just the kind of person to want to talk behind someone’s back. For whatever reason you want, this is a very useful tool to have. 

Obviously, the way that you whisper will depend on the different platforms that you are playing on. In the original Java PC version of Minecraft, you will need to have cheats turned on. This way you’ll be able to access the command console by pressing the “~” key. From there you can type in /msg to directly message another player. This is the format that you can use /msg <targets> <message>. This is the same format for the Mac version of the game. 

Fro the mobile Pocket Edition of Minecraft, you can direct message other players by tapping the chat icon at the top of the screen. 

For the various console editions of the game, that being the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, the command is the same. Tap the right direction key on each console’s controller D-Pad to open up the chat menu and cycle through to send a direct message. 

Finally, for the Windows 10 version of the game, you can press the T key to open the chat window and send a direct message via whisper. 

Written by Andrew Smith