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Minecraft Polar Bears | How to Tame

How To Tame Polar Bear

Minecraft is a game that has given players the ability to tame the various animals populating the in-game world for a while. Starting with the humble wolf and eventually adding other animals like horses and ocelots, there are plenty of animals to find. However, the tameable animal in Minecraft we’re talking about today is the humble king of the north, the polar bear. That being said, just how do you tame polar bears in Minecraft

How to Tame Polar Bears in Minecraft

In order to tame polar bears, you’re going to need to feed them some fish. This will allow you to get on their good side and not get mauled.  Feed a polar bear enough fish and you will eventually tame it. This is signified by those classic floating hearts that appear once the polar bear is tamed. 

To find where the polar bear’s location, you just need to go to exactly where you’d think they would be. Polar bears can be found in the ice plains and ice plains spikes biomes of the world you’re in. 

Polar Bears are a neutral mob, much like the other animals that you can tame in this cube-based world. This means that you can get as close to them as you’d like and they won’t attack you, unless you hit them first. Keep in mind that if they are around their cubs, they will actually become hostile and attack you if you come close. That is of course if you haven’t tamed them yet. The cubs are also passive mobs, meaning that they’ll just run away from you if you hit them and they can’t actually attack you. 

Polar bears are a great animal to tame. They hit hard, especially on harder difficulties, and have a ton of health. This makes them great candidates for your team. They can also swim faster than players, which can make it hard to get away from an angry one though.

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Written by Andrew Smith