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Modern Warfare Dragon’s Breath I How to Unlock

Modern Warfare Dragon's Breath

There are two types of Dragon’s Breath Rounds in Modern Warfare. The regular Dragon’s Breath Rounds are 12 gauge incendiary shots that work with your Model 680 shotgun much like any other shotgun round, albeit with a shorter range. The other kind comes from the Dragon’s Breath 6-R Mag. This involves a detachable magazine with 12 gauge incendiary rounds, allowing the gun to fire more quickly. Here we will tell you how to unlock both of the Modern Warfare Dragon’s Breath Rounds.

How to Get Dragon’s Breath

Modern Warfare Dragon's Breath

To unlock the regular Dragon’s Breath Rounds in Modern Warfare, you must “Get 15 kills shortly after reloading.” That means, in order to meet the criteria, you must kill someone within about THREE SECONDS of reloading. Here are some tips that might make doing so easier.

  • Enter the Cabin Fever playlist. The maps here are all about close quarters fighting. You can play in the base more or hardcore. Either works.
  • Equip your shotgun and use your sleight of hand perk to make reloading faster.
  • Better yet, the Tune Up perk paired with Stopping Power will allow you to kill enemies with one shot from a little further away, making the achievement more easily attainable.
  • It might be best, in that case, to leave the chamber empty then reload right as you round a corner or approach and enemy.

To unlock the Dragon’s Breath 6-R Mags in Modern Warfare, you must “Get 3 Longshot Kills in 3 different matches using the Scout Optic class.” This is arguably easier to achieve than the previous one, however, it may take some experimentation. Here are what tips we can provide:

  • You need to be at least 15 meters away from your target to get a Longshot kill with the shotgun. That is not terribly far, but you may have to experiment before you get the measurements right.
  • Your Longshot kills must be COMPLETED matches and while using the Scout Optic. You cannot quit a match once you achieve a Longshot.
  • Cabin Fever is, again, probably best.
  • Hardcore mode may be better than the base version because each combatant’s health is lower. That means that you are more likely to kill someone at a distance with your shotgun.

Note, however, that these magazines will block any shotgun barrel attachments.

We hope these tips will help you unlock both of the Dragon’s Breath Rounds. Both versions have high damage output and could be useful for nearly any shotgun-based build. Good luck “smoking” the competition!

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Written by Andrew Smith