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How to Get The Breakup in Modern Warfare

How to Get The Breakup in Modern Warfare

If you have been playing Modern Warfare you most likely have encountered players using high-level weapons with unique skins. These unique weapon skins are called blueprints and some even change the color of the bullets, known as tracer variants. One weapon, in particular, is the Breakup and it is an all-pink Tracer variant. In this guide, we will explain the process of how to get the Breakup in Modern Warfare, along with other blueprints and tracer variants.

Modern Warfare The Breakup Weapon Blueprints

How to Get The Breakup in Modern Warfare

To get the Breakup in Modern Warfare, you’ll need to purchase the Anime bundle in the game store. This bundle costs 1,800 CoD points an includes the Breakup (an M4A1), the Casanova (a P90), the Love Bomb charm, a Luscious sticker, and the Skirting Death Calling Card, a total of five items.

This pack would be a perfect fit for an avid anime fan, because of both the guns included in the bundle have a unique anime theme. Further, not only will you get the Breakup, but you’ll also get another weapon, along with the items mentioned above.

Players can unlock other bundles by purchasing them from the store, leveling up the battle pass, or by completing challenges. Unlocking the weapon blueprints will help you level up quickly, as you’ll be unlocking higher level guns. Additionally, each pack you purchase will give you different weapons, calling cards, charms, attachments, and more.

To sweeten the deal, the weapons even come with some attachments and perks, thus furthering the advantages of unlocking the blueprints. So be sure to keep your eye on the store, now that you know how to get the Breakup in Modern Warfare.

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Written by Andrew Smith