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Modern Warfare Super Kill | How to get

Modern Warfare Super Kill

The Call of Duty series is always trying to find new ways of introducing bombastic killstreaks and accomplishments. Modern Warfare has expanded on this epic theme in some ways. Killstreaks are still there in their usual form, and there are the classic kill variants such as Revenge and First Blood. There is a new kind of kill though. It’s the Modern Warfare Super Kill — here are some tips and tricks towards getting a Super Kill. 

How to Get a Modern Warfare Super Kill

Modern Warfare Super Kill

Getting kills in any Call of Duty game is no small feat. Despite many comments and jokes about the game’s players and playstyle, it can be very difficult to play skillfully. Getting consistent kill streaks is a difficult task, and getting a Super Kill is incredibly challenging. To clarify, Super Kills occur whenever you kill six or more enemies, all at once. It’s not easy, but it is possible. 

First and foremost, getting a Modern Warfare Super Kill requires a dense grouping of enemies. The best online mode for this is Ground War, which pits 32 players against 32 others, providing the volume and density for a Super Kill. Unless you’re confident you can cram a whole team into a room in Team Deathmatch, Ground War is the way to go for a Super Kill. 

There’s also the matter of killing six players simultaneously. Seeing as guns can only reliably kill one or two enemies at the same time, this leaves only explosives as an option. Fortunately for Ground War, there are several explosive options aside from traditional grenades. 

Inserting yourself into a tank and watching for packed clusters of enemies is the most reliable way of getting a Super Kill. By patrolling the perimeter of Ground War maps, almost anyone can bag a Super Kill with enough patience. Additionally, player-controlled, targeted killstreaks can also net Super Kills. 

Now that you know how to get a Super Kill in Modern Warfare, get out there and have at it.

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Written by Andrew Smith