How to Complete Fightin’ Round the World in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Bogan Jack Character
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Among the many bizarre occurrences in My Time at Sandrock, meeting Bogan Jack might be one of the most memorable. This is due to the non-hostile Boxing Jack’s unique personality and the circumstances surrounding his appearance. Upon starting the “Fightin’ Round the World” side quest, builders find themselves in a linguistic pickle with Bogan Jack mistaking your words as threats.

And so the side quest begins, with combat as the focus and a dash of confusion. When Bogan Jack concludes the fight, he sets out to prepare for a rematch with you — well, a couple of rematches, though his quest marker doesn’t appear on the map. With this in mind, you’ll have to personally go out and search for him to continue the “Fightin’ Round the World” quest in My Time at Sandrock.

How to Complete Fightin’ Round the World in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Bogan Jack First Location in Fightin' Round the World
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The “Fightin’ Round the World” quest in My Time at Sandrock has three parts. The initial encounter kicks off the quest upon locating a mission marker in the Eufaula Desert. Specifically, it’s located right near a Tripion habitat in the middle of colossal bones. Head past the Gecko Station Abandoned Ruins, and you’ll be able to find the idle Bogan Jack.

That’s the easy portion of the quest. From there, you fight Bogan Jack until he’s had enough. As we said earlier, he’ll prepare for further violence, as documented in the mission log. Players will then have to wait two days for the quest to update. Only then will Bogan Jack reappear in the Eufaula Desert. You can complete Commissions and embark on other ventures while Jack readies up during this time.

For round two, head to the south of the Shipwreck Ruins of the Eufaula Desert. Bogan Jack now appears as a green dot on the map, and you can find him waiting to the left of the Tripion habitat. The mission marker won’t appear, so you must approach and interact with him to commence the second fight.

My Time at Sandrock, Bogan Jack Second Location for Fightin' Round the World Side Quest
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For the side quest in question, a trusty mount is recommended for traveling. Maintaining time and stamina in My Time at Sandrock is imperative as you traverse the Eufaula Desert, so it’s always best to utilize a mount. Plus, it could take a moment or two to find Bogan Jack properly, so keep an eye on your energy.

Expert Tip

After the first fight, Bogan Jack advances from level 20 to 30, then to 40 after the second bout. You’ll want to invest in the Combat Knowledge tree for this. Attaining proficiency with a particular style is recommended for players who stick with a specific weapon.

My Time at Sandrock, Fighting Boxing
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Defeat Bogan Jack and the process will essentially repeat itself. Instead of waiting two days for Bogan Jack to re-emerge, it’s now three. Once the “Fightin’ Round the World” quest updates, the powerful Boxing Jack will wait again in the Eufaula Desert. This time, he’s standing by some robotic and metal ruins past the Gecko Station Ruins. Again, look for a green dot on your map to pinpoint his location. Once you do, interact with him to commence the “final battle” with the buffed-out Boxing Jack.

My Time at Sandrock, Bogan Jack Third Location for Fightin' Round the World Side Quest
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Defeating Bogan Jack

Fighting Bogan Jack might not be easy for some players, though the rewards are worth the trouble. For your combative efforts, Bogan Jack bestows the Golden Belt on you. This new piece of furniture provides a +14 in Defense, though using a Refiner can increase its stats. In addition to the Golden Belt, you’ll attain 1,500 experience points for your efforts.

My Time at Sandrock, the Golden Belt
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As for Bogan Jack, he mentions that he’ll catch you later in My Time at Sandrock, though, of course, he doesn’t specify. As it turns out, he does show up again in the game, yet that occurs at the very end of your Sandrock adventures. For him to show up again, you must best him in combat and acquire the Golden Belt.


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