How to Get Engines in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Eufaula Salvage Store in Sandrock
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Assembling some of the more reliable and advanced workstations in My Time at Sandrock will require an Engine or two. Identified as a relic material in the game, Engines power functional structures such as the Civil Processor and the Blender. Both are needed to complete Commissions, and builders must obtain them to get to work.

With this in mind, acquiring Engines won’t necessitate farming or constructing. Instead, you’ll go underground to find an Engine, and it all begins by exploring a familiar area in My Time at Sandrock.

How to Get Engines in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Horse at Crane Lift
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Engines hide within layers 7 to 11 of the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins in My Time at Sandrock. This underground section is near the Workshop, below the Eufaula Salvage scrapyard. Ideally, it’s your first Abandoned Ruins to look through in the game. To access the underground ruins, you must erect a Crane Lift for Rocky during the “Picking Up the Slack” mission.

This occurs naturally as you play the main storyline in My Time at Sandrock. As you progress and complete quests, certain vital areas, including the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins, become available. In this area, you can find various relic items and plenty of copper and tin ores. It’s also where you’ll experiment with the Treasure Detector for the first time to locate precious items.

Speaking of which, the Treasure Detector can pick up Engine signals within the Abandoned Ruins. Upgrading it will demonstrate better capabilities in identifying objects hiding in the layers. Evidently, the Engine is made of relic material, and builders can detect it using the Treasure Detector.

Expert Tip

Revisit layers 7 through 11 to continuously collect Engines and other relics. If you acquire too many spare parts while exploring the abandoned ruins, you can always sell them.

Toss a Coin to Your Salvage Shop

My Time at Sandrock, Rocky and Engines
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Alternatively, you can ditch the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins and purchase an Engine instead. This is feasible by visiting the Eufaula Salvage Shop, which Rocky owns and operates. He also has other items, like Data Discs and Microchips, that you’ll need for new workstations. The Engine costs 128 Gols, and he only sells one at a time.

Again, this is another option for you to explore. Diving into the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins is the recommended method if you want to save money. If not, you can always turn to the Civil Corps to do your not-so-dirty work. Indeed, you can administer a Commission for the Civil Corps to garner materials for you. This is feasible with the Commission Board stationed within the Civil Corps building, not the one in Yan’s Commerce Guild in My Time at Sandrock.

Start Your Engines

Now that you’ve acquired an Engine from the Abandoned Ruins, the Salvage store, or through a Commission, you can turn to your Assembly Station to start manufacturing some goods. As mentioned before, the Civil Processor and Blender require an Engine or two for construction. There are others included, which are the following:

  • Civil Grinder
  • Fake Yakmel
  • Hydrogel Core
Commission Board in My Time at Sandrock
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In addition to these creations, players can upgrade their jetpacks in the Abandoned Ruins. One Engine is needed for the level 2 upgrade of the jet engine, which increases the device’s lift and acceleration. This is incredibly useful for those hard-to-reach ledges that might look impossible to stand on. It’s beneficial for the times when you must tread carefully when exploring higher grounds beneath Sandrock.


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