How to Get Hollow Metal in Nightingale

Night Time in the Fae Realms
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Victor Frankenstein is one of the many NPCs Realmwalkers can encounter during their travels in Nightingale. With a profound interest in the Automatons, Victor enlists the players in an item quest to gather Bound research samples. This quest includes a list of materials that the Bound drops, one of which consists of the Hollow Metal Ingot.

This particular Ingot is unique, unlike any other Ingots players can accumulate in the Fae Realms. It is needed to complete Victor Frankenstein’s quest in the Astrolabe Desert Realm and gives you an idea of which Bound holds what resource. To acquire the Ingot in question, you only need to locate a certain Bound in Nightingale.

How to Get Hollow Metal in Nightingale

Nightingale Fighting the Bound Assassin
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The Ingot (Hollow Metal) can be obtained from a defeated Bound Assassin in Nightingale. This specific sort of Bound wields dual blades, and they’re typically found in Herbarium Desert Realms. This means you’ll encounter these nasty baddies later in the game when you have access to more Realms. Distinguished by a shemagh and leather straps throughout its figure, the Bound Assassin is a tall foe who moves remarkably swiftly. They’re easily one of the more challenging enemies when it involves the Bound.

A Bound Assassin typically fights alongside the weaker variants of the mystical force from the Far Realms. You can find these particular slashers on the top of Fae Towers and other notable points of interest in a Desert Herbarium Realm.

A Faerie Ring for Backup

Of course, if you’re fighting against multiple waves of Bound in Nightingale, consider constructing a Faerie Ring to establish a reliable respawn point. In the event that you succumb to the endless Bound attacks, you can reappear at a Faerie Ring instead of a Realm’s portal, leaving behind all the backtracking that comes with death in the game.

Nightingale Hollow Metal Ingot Item Drop
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Victor Frankenstein’s quest “Imitations of Life” is only part of the character’s questline. With Hollow Metal serving as a portion of the quest, players must gather the other materials when handling the Bound. From the Arcane Wick to the Yew version of Lumber, each Bound drops a particular sample. Players will need these for both Victor’s mission and your crafting efforts back at the Abeyance Realm.

To locate these materials, you must slay the following types of Bound in Nightingale, except (Ingot) Hollow Metal in this case since we already covered it above:

  • Arcane Wick – Dropped by Bound Lamplighter
  • Bound Bristle – Dropped by Bound Fiend and Vermin
  • Bound Ichor – Bound Fiend, Haxan, and Vermin
  • Ingot (Lacunus) – Bound Lamplighter, Knight, and Kyrosiphon (flamethrowers)
  • Lumber (Yew) – Bound Bruiser
  • Raw Gem (Petified Ichor) – Bound Darkweaver (skull-bearing enemy with red crystal ball head)

Expert Tip

Consider applying the Stalwart Infusion onto a piece of reliable equipment to increase your blocking efficiency. This will be incredibly useful when facing off against multiple Bound enemies.

Blocking the Bound
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Continue to invest your time with Victor Frankenstein in Nightingale. Another of his quests includes the Automaton Bishop Apex Creature, where players can present an offering to obtain the Automaton Charm Oil for Nellie Bly. The other Apex Creatures involved here are the Elder Eoten and the Sun Giant. If you’re sticking with a non-violent route, the offering is meant to act as a peaceful approach to the Automaton Bishop. This is part of your journey into The Watch in the game, a hub where fellow Realmwalkers assemble.


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