How to Use Enchantments in Nightingale

Cast Spells in Nightingale
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Magic plays a huge role in the Nightingale lore, even to the point where Realmwalkers can wield it. This includes offensive and defensive Enchantments as well as other useful ones to help guide them through the Fae Realms. But when players are given the tools to conjure magic, some are at a loss.

The average Realmwalker may be given the tools to cast Enchantments, but do they know how to use them? Whether you’re interested in casting Illumination to provide light in dark caves or Recovery to heal quickly, you’ll need Enchantments to get the most out of your Nightingale experience.

How to Use Enchantments in Nightingale

Nightingale Enchantment on Weapon
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Nightingale players can apply Enchantments with a weapon or tool they choose, which they can activate by holding down the “R” key. For the controller folks, you’ll use RB to conjure your Enchantment. These serve as one of your Ability actions. Upon conjuring the Enchantment, it will linger on your equipped implement until you cast it with your Primary Action. For the mouse and keyboard crowd, this is the LMB; players with controllers use the RT.

Of course, these are the default bindings. You can always switch up your settings and key bindings, yet some folks might not be aware of the “R” key’s significance in Nightingale.

Cast Illumination Magic for Light
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Once the spell is cast, you cannot reverse your actions. The only way to cancel your Enchantment is to select your Secondary Action. For this, click the RMB on a keyboard or press the LT with a controller.

As you progress through the different Fae Realms, you might want to consider crafting some Enchantments. Not only are they literal magic in Nightingale, but they also provide unique advantages that assist you in your gameplay. Illumination (portable light source) and Recovery (heals caster) are likely the first two spells you’ll acquire. They are the most basic Enchantments to produce, using only Weak Human Seals and Essence Dust at an Enchanter’s Focus workstation.

List of Enchantments

From there, as you discover new Realms and Essence Traders, new spells will come your way. In addition to Illumination and Recovery, there are plenty more, which are listed here:

  • Arborist’s Shield (bolsters all resistance except fire)
  • Assassin’s Sight (unveils weak points in enemies while boosting damage of critical attacks)
  • Beast’s Instinct (provides Realmwalker the ability to sense creatures within a radius)
  • Blastminer’s Trap (summons an alluring glyph that explodes when enemies come into contact with it)
  • Bramble Wall (summons a wall of bramble that damages enemies)
  • Dispel (dispels magickal effects and interrupts magickal creatures)
  • Hermetic Flame (applies Flame to weapon or tool)
  • Jana’s Roar (capable of frightening nearby creatures)
  • Oberon’s Bounty (acquire certain resources and Essence acquisition easily)
  • Quake (a spell that knocks enemies back)
  • Regrowth (hastens plant growth and replenishes harvested trees and floras)
  • Ring of Empowerment (conjures a ring to empower all nearby allies)
  • Salvation (allows the caster to heal allies within a distance)
  • Shockwave (applies a blast-type attack)
  • Summon Swarm (conjures a warm of homing bees)
  • Track Legend (unveils path to nearest Apex or Fabled Creature)

As a side note, you can always hover over an enchanted weapon or tool to view its stats in your inventory. A separate menu will slide open to display the applied spell or spells.

Enchantment Info in Inventory
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No matter what type of Realmwalker you are in Nightingale, you’re sure to find a spell that suits you. For example, farmers can rely on Regrowth to obtain more crops, while Apex hunters can cast Track Legend to locate beasts such as Elder Eoten or Sun Giant. However, the potential power of your spells only increases as you evolve your magic in the game. As you ascend more challenging Realms, magic could be extremely helpful, especially against the deadly Bound forces.


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