Where to Find Sulphur in Nightingale

The Fae Realms at Night
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All Realmwalkers eventually get their hands on fresh firearms to wield in Nightingale, though they’ll also need Gunpowder. Combined with Sulphur (not Sulfur, according to the game) and Coal, Gunpowder gives players the firepower necessary to fight against more formidable enemies. Whether you’re rocking out with a shotgun or a handy pistol, Gunpowder is essential.

Since Coal is relatively easier to discover in Nightingale, the real challenge begins with Sulphur (not the city in Louisiana). Where can Realmwalkers find this unique resource in the game? And how much is used to fuel Gunpowder?

Where to Find Sulphur in Nightingale

Unmarked Cave in Nightingale
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Nightingale players can get Sulphur by exploring caves and spending Essence with Essence Traders. Sulphur deposits sit within unmarked caves and other points of interest where you must delve underground. Higher-level caves are considered, too, yet spelunking is your primary course of action. Look for bundles of Bound Occupations on your map, which likely indicates that the Occupations are beneath the surface level. Of course, you can always trade with an Essence Trader who deals in T1 Essence. They’ll sell a piece of Sulphur for 5 T1 Essence.

The Sulphur rock is distinguished by gray geodes protruding out of typical-looking deposits. The item drop itself is a smooth gray rock that won’t warrant any weight attained upon retrieval.

Sulphur Item Drop
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When you go spelunking, bring a reliable light source to guide you through the dimly lit areas. A torch or a lantern is always a decent tool to keep in your inventory, though you can always use the Illumination Enchantment to cast light. You can craft this Enchantment at an Enchanter’s Focus workstation with a Weak Human Seal and some Essence Dust.

Expert Tip

As you dive into unmarked caves, utilize your map to implement markers to pinpoint your discoveries. The map in Nightingale allows Realmwalkers to choose from several icons to help guide them.

Nightingale Map
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How to Craft Gunpowder

Now that you’ve acquired Sulphur, stay within the caves and search for Coal. Coal has a fine black texture and is also found in big rocks within caves and other points of interest. Admittedly, Coal is more accessible to locate, and its lack of weight makes it a handy resource to accumulate quickly. Indeed, both Sulphur and Coal are weightless, so you won’t need to worry about being encumbered by them.

With them, focus your attention on a Refined Masonry Bench. Access this workstation and search for the Gunpowder recipe. Only x2 Sulphur and x2 Coal are required to craft Gunpowder, mixed with Ingots to make ammunition at a Refined Workbench or better. You’ll need ammunition for your firearms, especially when you face off against Automatons and enemies from a distance.

Sulphur in Cave
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You’ll likely acquire Gunpowder before you even craft some for your weapons. When you do, pile them up in a container for future use. The terrors of the Fae Realms can be overwhelming when you aren’t wielding some big iron on your hip in Nightingale.


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