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Overwatch 2 Co-Op | Is There Multiplayer?

Overwatch 2 is bringing numerous changes to the game, the most significant of which is the transition from standard 6v6 PvP to 5v5 PvP. It’s just one of several improvements that are being made to the latest free-to-play entry in the series. However, with several changes to the multiplayer and competitive scene, many gamers who want to delve into the free-to-play title don’t want to do so alone. That’s why we’re here to answer the question: Does Overwatch 2 has multiplayer co-op? And if so, for what game modes?

Does Overwatch 2 Have Multiplayer Co-Op?

Does Overwatch 2 Have Multiplayer Co-Op?

Overwatch 2 will include multiplayer co-op in a range of PvP and PvE game modes. Furthermore, the game will support cross-play, allowing you to play co-op multiplayer with your pals regardless of the platform they’re using. Only local split-screen cooperative play is unavailable in Overwatch 2. That means you and four friends can form a team of five players online to battle in the now-standard 5v5 multiplayer. This, however, is not limited to PvP multiplayer.

PvE story missions and hero missions have also been mentioned for Overwatch 2. These are four-player PvE co-op modes featuring a distinct set of heroes and cinematics to delve into the background and lore of the characters. Again, these will be multiplayer co-op with up to four people, but will not support local. However, these modes will not be available upon release. Instead, they will launch in 2023, with no specific date mentioned yet.

Since the original game never accompanied local co-op, it’s hard to see it coming to Overwatch 2. But the good news is that the sequel will feature co-op for its free-to-play PvP multiplayer. With that, you can do multiplayer co-op vs AI, in simulated matches. Which is a great way to get you and your team adjusted to the new 5v5 format and prepared to step into PvP multiplayer.

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Written by Andrew Smith