How To Get Eggs in Palworld

Palworld Eggs and Pal Eggs
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Eggs! Who needs them, aside from the basics of actually using them? In Palworld, they can be especially instrumental when players cook meals for themselves and their Pals. They may not be the most crucial food on the Palpagos Islands, yet players can still find excellent use for them.

Eggs are seen as a singular food as well as an ingredient for certain meals. From a simple serving of Fried Egg to a delectable Cake, players may need some in Palworld. With this in mind, players can look toward a certain Pal to rely on to obtain eggs in the game.

How To Get Eggs in Palworld

Palworld Chikipi at Player Base
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Players can acquire eggs in Palworld by hunting down and capturing the Chikipi. A chicken-like creature with neutral behaviors, the Chikipi is not only an adorable Pal but also a tiny monster capable of producing eggs. Either upon drop or at one of your bases, Chikipis can lay eggs, ready for the taking. Furthermore, a slain Chikipi also drops Chikipi Poultry, which can be tossed into a cooking station for a proper meal.

Players can look across several areas of the Palpagos Islands for the Chikipis. Aside from appearing in parts of the Windswept Hills, the Chikipi also resides on Forgotten Island, Ice Wind Island, Marsh Island, Eastern Wild Island, and the Sea Breeze Archipelago. Pal Merchants will also sell these chicken-like creatures every once in a while.

Ranch Recipe

Chikipis can be assigned to any established base in your Palworld overworld. They specialize in Gathering and Farming, yet the latter is your ticket to start generating eggs at your base. All that is needed is a deployed Chikipi to tend to a Ranch, where they will commence the “grazing” process. A Ranch is easy to build, and it’s one of the first structures players can unlock in Palworld.

To assemble a Ranch, access the Technology menu and look for the tier 5 items. It only costs two Technology points to unlock. Once the blueprint is available, gather the following items at a base:

  • Fiber (x30)
  • Stone (x20)
  • Wood (x50)

With the materials needed for the Ranch, find a good spot on your base to start constructing it. Once the Ranch is ready, assign a Chikipi via the Palbox, and they’ll start working. If they’re not attentive to the Ranch, lift and toss them into the newly built structure. The game will notify you whether the Pal is doing their job. You can always butcher them, too, but that’s an option for another time.

Expert Tip

Assign Pals with the Transporting Work Suitability skill onto your base. These Pals will pick up any items, harvested or dropped, and place them into storage containers.

Looking for Pal Eggs?

Palworld Egg Incubators
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The process is slightly different if you want to grab some Pal Eggs. Firstly, Pal Eggs grow throughout the Palpagos Islands, laying in nests in many regions. Players can quickly snatch these up without troubling any parents of the Pal Egg. From there, you can take these to sell to a merchant or mature via an Egg Incubator (Ancient Technology Tier 7).

Breeding Farm Recipe

Alternatively, players can grow their own Pal Eggs by utilizing a Breeding Farm. It’s a Technology Tier 19 item, with only two points for one to unlock it. It’s mainly used as a breeding ground between one male Pal and one female Pal to produce a unique creature egg. The Breeding Farm requires the following materials:

  • Fiber (x50)
  • Stone (x20)
  • Wood (x100)

Thus, place a Cake into the structure, along with the two respective mating Pals, and the process will begin. Players will have to wait a bit for a Pal Egg to produce, yet there are plenty of open-world activities to do in the meantime.

Expert Tip

Pal Eggs don’t expire. Store them in any available containers to muster up as many as possible to bring back to the base.

Incubating Pal Eggs is also a great way to level up quickly in Palworld. Each matured egg delivers a considerable chunk of XP to help players reach the game’s maximum level of 50. If you’re looking to take on the game’s five primary bosses in a quick way, you might want to look into more ways to acquire XP.


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