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Pokemon Sword and Shield Perrserker | How to evolve, where to find

Pokemon Sword and Shield Perrserker

The latest Pokemon games, Sword and Shield, have introduced dozens of new Pokemon. They’ve also reimagined many old Pokemon, providing new evolution’s and reskins. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Perrserker is a prime example of these reinventions. Originally known as Persian, Perrserker is portrayed as a buffed up, scraggy Meowth. In this guide, we’ll be finding out all Perrserkers locations, and how to evolve Meowth into one. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Perrserker | All locations and evolution guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Perrserker

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Perrserker has acted as a replacement for Persian. In previous Pokemon games, Meowth evolved into Persian. Rather than being a well balanced jack-of-all-trades, Perrserker specializes in physical attack and defense. However, to reap these benefits, you’ll have to find and evolve your Pokemon.

If you’re wanting to raise a Meowth into a fully evolved Perrserker, it’s not as simple as leveling up. First off, Meowth can be only on Route 4 in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

After finding and catching a Meowth, you’ll need a Rare Candy by the time it hits level 26. Meowth only evolves once it’s at level 26 or higher, and only through eating a Rare Candy. 

If hassling with Rare Candies doesn’t sound too appealing, then you are in luck. Perrserker can be found later on in the game, in these three various locations. 

    • Route 7
    • Route 9
    • Lake of Outrage

Catching or evolving a Perrserker Sword and Shield is definitely a good decision if you’re needing a strong physical Pokemon. Although its base stat values are the same as Persian’s, coming in at 440, they’re distributed differently. It strongly favors physical attacks and defense, but lacks severely in speed. If anything, it’s worth acquiring one just for the novelty of a reimagined Pokemon evolution. 

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Written by Andrew Smith