Ranking Every Marvel Movie So Far From Worst To Best

Ranking Every Marvel Movie So Far From Worst to Best
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In this ever-growing world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have you ever thought about which movie is worth watching? Here are our thoughts as we rank all the Marvel movies released so far. We’re talking Iron Man from 2008  to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, released this year.

Here we go!

32. The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk
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Let’s be honest, shall we? No one remembers the Hulk movie. Especially since the main man switched from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo for the upcoming Marvel movies, you can read more about that here. It just feels like this movie is not part of the franchise, even if it is. It’s the second movie in Marvel’s Phase 1, released after Iron Man in 2008.

Here, we get to witness the origins of the Hulk as we know it on Earth. Dr. Bruce Banner gets exposed to high levels of gamma rays, and now every time he feels an intense emotion, he turns into a giant green monster. As such, he tries to find a cure, but another giant creature starts threatening Earth.

The Incredible Hulk left a lot of questions and continuity issues that we will never get proper answers to. However, it is a pretty good introduction to the character, and it is fun to see Hulk smash things.

31. Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The sequel to Thor leaves a bittersweet taste in most mouths, seemingly salvageable by the plot twist we are treated to in the end. This movie is mainly forgettable when we look at the bigger picture of what Marvel offers. For some, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki seems to be its only saving grace.

This time, Jane Foster ends up being a host to the Aether, a powerful destructive force that the Dark Elves seek after. Hence, Thor sets out to save and protect her while fighting against the Dark Elves. Somehow, the Convergence is set to happen on Earth, and a ridiculously overblown battle happens.

All the random occurrences in this movie do provide some form of foreshadowing for what’s to come in their next movie, which is one of the best in the franchise.


30. Eternals

Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

If one word could be used to describe the Eternals movie, it would be: underwhelming, which is disappointing as it has so much potential for greatness. A great cast, each with their own abilities and moral compasses, an immortalized family, and a great setup. 

But with such greatness comes great responsibility. Eternals couldn’t build upon its characters well enough for its audience to have a proper connection to them. It all feels very rushed and empty. The movie’s so-called protagonist, Sersi, doesn’t shine at all. Truthfully, she barely shines at all.

The movie is about eight human-like aliens that live on Earth for thousands of years in secret. As this movie follows the events of Avengers: Endgame, the eight of them are forced out of hiding to confront Earth’s next growing threat – the Deviants.


29. Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

It’s almost surprising to see this Marvel movie be ranked this low, especially since it was released this year. However, it truly tanked. Some even prophesied the end of superhero movies in their attempt to figure out why this third Ant-Man movie didn’t do well. But that’s not it. 

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania tanked because it tried to do too much. The extreme use of CGI, a convoluted plot mixed with family drama, and fewer funny moments which is rather out of character for Scott Lang. They did a decent job of introducing the new supervillain for MCU Phase 5, Kang the Conqueror.

This time, Scott and Hope are joined by Cassie as they explore the Quantum Realm. They meet with weird creatures and continue to push the limits of the realm and themselves. 


28. Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

It does hurt to see this movie set so low. Taika Waititi delivered such a spectacular movie with Thor: Ragnarok that it seems almost surreal to see Thor: Love and Thunder be such a wreck. But the movie speaks for us all, and it’s a downer. The jokes and extravagant humor were fun in the first few scenes, but as the movie plays out, laughing turns to annoyance.

This time, we see Jane Foster’s return as the Mighty Thor, Valkyrie as the King of New Asgard, and a new villain named Gorr the God Butcher. As Thor tries his hand at finding inner peace through retirement, this new threat forces him to reconnect with his old friends. 

Sure, there are some fun moments, but there’s just a ridiculous amount of plot holes, and it just feels overdone. We don’t get to see Jane Foster’s first transformation into Mighty Thor, and her character ends in a terrible disappointment. Thor’s beer belly and foreshadowing movie team-up with the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy do not exist anymore either, as it was erased in the first part of the movie. 


27. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Another Marvel movie that we had high hopes for but delivered below expectations. It feels like a movie for Wanda’s character rather than Doctor Strange. And, since this came after the release of Wandavision, it does feel like the Doctor himself got snubbed of his movie.

We finally get to see more of the Multiverse effect in this movie, with Doctor Strange’s various reiterations and alternate timelines, which feature a cameo of characters from previous movies. Hence, there are some points where it feels rather cheap and fan service-y. Additionally, Sam Raimi’s roots in horror sprinkle in a little something extra to spice things up.

The plot may be a little iffy through all the chaos and confusing for those who are not well-versed in Marvel lore. But for fans who have kept up with the franchise, it delivers a darker and more twisted movie to dissect.


26. Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures.

An overload of stories, character introductions, plot holes, and information makes Iron Man 2 a big mess that no one enjoys deciphering, mainly because this is around the time when Marvel is still building its world and trying to cement it.

In Iron Man 2, we are introduced to Black Widow and Nick Fury, along with two forgettable villains – the US government and Russian scientist Ivan Vanko. This time he deals with the consequences of being Iron Man, which includes people wanting to steal his tech and the pressures of everyone’s eyes on him.

It’s not a bad movie, but it is a little bit more bland and stuffed with information that may not be as interesting for those who are looking to get into the Marvel universe. Mr. Stark himself seems to be less of his snarky self in this one too.


25. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The second movie to feature all of the Avengers working together seems to pale in comparison to its predecessor. It does bring some fun iconic moments that showcase the team’s chemistry, like the scene where everyone attempts to lift Thor’s hammer. Yet we don’t get much of that as compared to the first movie.

It’s still a fun movie with snappy action-packed scenes courtesy of Joss Whedon. This time around, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner have come up with a new artificial intelligence system dubbed Ultron. But things go awry when Ultron becomes a sentient being and decides to wipe out the human race.

We are introduced to the Maximoff siblings – Pietro and Wanda, and Vision’s being come to life here too. As such, we should thank (not really) this movie for introducing us to some future heavy-hitters of the Marvel franchise.


24. Ant-man

Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Somehow, Ant-Man does not give the same feeling of excitement and anticipation as the others on this list. This movie falls kind of flat, and some of the jokes don’t land as well as they had hoped. It just feels too safe and too protected to be memorable or leave a lasting impression.

We are introduced to Scott Lang as he joins in on a heist with his friend Luis to steal a suit for Hank Pym. A series of attempted heists and break-ins ensues that give off an Ocean’s Eleven vibe but with insects, a shrinking suit, and a lot of science mumbo jumbo.

Ultimately, the movie does a good job of introducing us to Ant-Man and his whole arc before joining the Avengers. It gives a reasonable insight into his character and motivations. Plus, there’s a whole bathtub fight sequence which is quite fun to watch.


23. Thor

Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures.

Here comes another origin story that simply accomplishes its goal of establishing a character and leaves. Thor himself looks every bit the outdated hero, but given his background as a mythical god, it’s something we’ve all begrudgingly accepted.

Thor gets thrown out of Asgard by his father in an attempt to teach him some humility, even separating him from his beloved hammer. We go through a plotline of the Norse god trying to prove himself worthy of his weapon and a cutesy rom-com troupe. There’s also Loki trying to prove himself as evil and mischievous, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. being the most stick-in-the-mud organization as ever.

Thor is a mishmash of a silly movie trying to figure out what it wants to be. An action movie? A rom-com? A sci-fi spy thriller? You’ll get it all but not completely, which makes for an entertaining watch. Just don’t take it too seriously. 


22. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

If we’re talking about symbolism, Captain Marvel, as the first female superhero in the MCU to get her solo movie, feels very in line with the growing feminist movement at the time. But you can’t help but wish for more substance than what feels like a rushed-out character and movie.

It just feels like they could have taken a more established character in the MCU at the time and made a movie for them instead. Captain Marvel introduces us to Carol Danvers and a younger Nick Fury, with its timeline set in 1995. There’s also an alien cat which adds to the humor and entertainment.

Danvers is an amnesiac for the majority of the movie, trying to recall her past and make sense of everything around her. Somehow, she is also caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle against the Skrulls, who are now threatening Earth as well.


21. Black Widow

Black Widow
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Truthfully, Black Widow is a Marvel movie that should have been done years before, along with the other set of Avengers origin movies. It should have been filmed and packaged in a bow when those lines of Captain America and Iron Man movies were hyped.

Yet her movie only came out after her literal character sacrificed herself in Avengers: Endgame. So, it is jarring to see her alive and well in this movie that came after it. It also kind of cheapens the movie. However, Black Widow is a good action spy movie that brings so much fun and a rather intricate plot to the table. 

We get Florence Pugh as Black Widow’s sister Yelena, an insight into Black Widow’s life before she becomes a part of the Black Widow program and a good solid revenge story. By all accounts, Black Widow is an exciting, funny, and thrilling movie which is a bummer that it feels like we’ll never get a second one.


20. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

This time Iron Man goes through another awakening in the aftermath of the alien invasion from the previous Avengers movie. He holes away in his lab, perfecting his suit whilst dealing with PTSD from the event. As such, his relationship with Potts gets strained, his mental health deteriorates, and his world shrinks away.

At the same time, he gets attacked by a terrorist known as the Mandarin, who is hell-bent on destroying Iron Man and his loved ones. Even if he is a rather generic villain, the threat he poses to Tony Stark’s life and well-being broadens to encompass the entire United States of America.

Iron Man 3 is entertaining with all its explosions, action, and one-liners. It is an improvement over its predecessor, with more suspense and thrills rather than an information overload. Plus, it’s great that we get to see all the iterations of the Iron Man suit in one movie.


19. Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures.

Everyone’s beloved Captain America quickly rises to fame upon release. The movie is filled with action and a strong retro vibe, taking us back to the 1940s. There’s a sprinkle of romance, a whole lot of action, and a healthy dose of camaraderie. Aside from all the super-Americanised propaganda, of course.

Steve Rogers is a scrawny man turned super-soldier in an experiment to build an army for defeating HYDRA, a Nazi organization. At the center of it all is Red Skull and Zola, who is looking to harness the energy of the Tesseract for world domination. Things go awry when his best friend Bucky is presumed dead, so he goes on a solo mission with the help of Peggy Carter and Howard Stark.

And yes, Stark is Tony’s father and the one to gift Steve his indestructible shield. One of the best parts of the movie is the ending, though, where Steve wakes up 70 years in the future.


18. Ant-man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and The Wasp
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

A lot of people have teased that the only reason why Ant-Man is beloved or even tolerable is because of The Wasp’s involvement. And maybe there’s some truth to that. It is a fun Marvel movie with a ton of jokes, fun action scenes, and even a cool chase scene. Perhaps a downfall would be releasing this right after Infinity War.

Scott is roped into another Hank Pym quest, this time along with Hank’s daughter Hope Van Dyne as The Wasp. We get to explore the Quantum Realm and save Hank’s wife, who has been trapped in there for about 30 years. The Quantum Realm is an unsteady place to be; no one knows what will happen.

As fun as this may sound, the movie is filled with a lot of boring scientific junk that most people don’t grasp when watching the first time around. Even its villains are pretty boring compared to the others on this list. All in all, it feels like another filler movie while you wait for Endgame at the time.


17. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

As the last ever Guardians movie, it is bittersweet to witness the ending of one of the best groups of misfits. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 pulls at the heartstrings in all directions with its weird mix of characters, intense storyline, and witty banter.

The movie shines a light on Rocket Raccoon’s backstory with a dive into handling trauma and grief. A much-needed lesson for the Guardians as they have just been through a harrowing experience in Avengers: Endgame with the loss of Gamora. This time we are on a mission to save and protect Rocket from the High Evolutionary while defending the planet. The villain may be a little boring this time around, but there is a commentary on animal abuse in here somewhere.

Plus, we are also treated to a golden-skinned himbo, Adam Warlock, as well as a host of various new characters that will continue the story when the original team is gone. There’s so much to love but also so much emotional pain to deal with in this one.


16. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Truly, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has a lot piled onto its shoulders, with having to live up to its first Marvel movie. That, and dealing with the unexpected death of Chadwick Boseman, who happens to be the leading man. Wakanda Forever became a story of mourning, grief, and loss for everyone involved within the movie and in real life.

Still reeling from King T’Challa’s death, Wakanda is now bracing against more intervening world powers and a new enemy from under the sea – Namor. Shuri gets hit with more deaths while still trying to handle her grief and becoming the new Black Panther for her country. The pressure is on her young shoulders to protect Wakanda.

The movie takes a huge emotional toll on its audience with its fictional deaths on top of the real-life death of Chadwick. It gets to a point where you’ll get too numb to bother feeling sad. The underwater world and new villains do spice things up a little, though.


15. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

In Volume 2 of The Guardians, the crew manages to keep things entertaining, even if its scenes feel like its stitched together haphazardly. We have multiple plots ongoing, which begin with Rocket stealing some batteries from some golden aliens. Then we dive into the plot of Quill’s real father while Gamora and Nebula reunite. Groot is also a baby here.

This is also the movie where we get introduced to Mantis, and towards the end, she joins the odd crew. Aside from a disjointed plot, the movie is still very entertaining, with comedic one-liners and eccentric characters. There are a lot of iconic movie moments, one being Yondu’s funeral at the end, as well as Sylvester Stallone making an appearance as a Ravager.

Volume 2 explores an estranged father-son relationship gone wrong. The movie takes Ego death to a whole other meaning, especially for Quill, who seems to build his identity as a human from Earth.


14. Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Something new and slightly different from the titles on this list, Shang-Chi manages to breathe a little fresh air into the MCU. This time, we have the MCU’s first Asian lead and a movie filled with Asian representation.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings follows the story of Shang-Chi, a man with a dark past. But years later, he is forced to confront his past once more as they arrive to assassinate him. Now he has to travel back home, reunite with his family, and stop his father before he unleashes a dark power onto the world. There is an underlying story of grief at play here as well.

The movie gives us a mix of martial arts, magic, and superheroes into one. The hype may not be as vast as Black Panther, but it was well-received nonetheless. It hit the midpoint of being different and repetitive, with a new story to tell and a new hero to look up to. 


13. Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

This feels like where all the hype started. Infinity War brought in so many new fans into the franchise upon its release, mainly because it is where the epic battle starts to culminate. Everyone in the MCU coming together against Thanos, one of the most iconic villains to date.

Everyone is split into their teams as they each attempt to protect their own sets of Infinity Stones while Thanos attacks and plans his way through gathering them all. We get to witness different characters working together and some even meeting for the first time.

The only reason we’ve decided to place it at this point of this list is that everything gets confusing and feels chaotic. You don’t get a recap or time to fully digest what is going on in a scene before it switches to another. Furthermore, this is only part one of the finale of the Avengers.


12. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Stephen Strange’s arrogance does rival Tony Stark’s, so it is somewhat satisfying to see him get humbled multiple times throughout the movie. Doctor Strange plunges the MCU into a colorful, trippy, and psychedelic experience without the drugs.

The movie chronicles Stephen Strange’s journey to heal his hands and get back to his life as a successful neurosurgeon. He travels to Kamar-Taj and meets with the Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton. She trains him, and soon he comes face to face with Kaecilius and Dormamu, one looking for eternal life and the other for the expansion of the Dark Realm.

Doctor Strange is a digestible and chaotic experience in the best way. It sets up Strange’s character well and establishes the Sanctum’s place in the MCU. Plus, we get so many iconic fight scenes and movie moments like the Mirror Dimension fight in New York and Strange getting humbled by the Ancient One. 


11. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

This time we take a slightly different take than previous movies in the MCU. The Winter Soldier focuses more on national leadership gone rogue, political paranoia, and S.H.I.E.L.D. as a corrupted organization.

The Winter Soldier takes place after the events of New York and is a super-spy mixed with a superhero movie where you can’t trust anyone, even those you work for. It is action-filled and broadens the scope of MCU films from just your typical team-ups and origin stories. We also get to take a deeper look into Bucky’s character and modern-day Hydra.

There are so many twists and entertaining moments in this one, like Fury’s fake death, the elevator scene, and Steve still unwilling to fight Bucky in a stressful situation. The team-up of Romanoff, Wilson, and Fury adds to the secret agent-like vibe you get from the movie as well.


10. Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Are you Team Stark or Team Cap? That’s the main question everyone asks after watching Civil War, and it has split fans into two. Both sides have their motives and reasons for acting the way they do. Let us know in the comments below whose side you are on.

It all starts with more political controversy as the Avengers cause more destruction and harm while trying to save the world. One group led by Tony Stark decides to side with the government in implementing a law that oversees and controls the Avengers. The other side, led by Steve Rogers, opposes and prefers to have control over their judgment as well as actions.

As Steve breaks the law to save Bucky, things start getting complicated. This culminates in a battle set in an airport between two sides. There are a few other plotlines that intertwine within the movie, with secrets getting revealed, devastating fights, and more.


9. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures Releasing.

Hot on the heels of Avengers: Endgame, we see a Spiderman who is reeling with the loss of his mentor whilst juggling his life as a high school student and being a superhero. But perhaps his death is a good thing for the teen. It gives him more growth and extra screen time for everyone else involved in the movie.

In Far From Home, Peter Parker goes on a high school trip to Europe with his classmates following the events of Avengers: Endgame. Sadly, life is never that easy for Spidey as Elemental attacks start occurring all around the world, and a mysterious man named Beck seeks his help. Of course, this man turns out to be the real villain – Mysterio.

This time, Peter is forced to take up the mantle of his mentor and try to save the world again. Furthermore, in the end, his identity is blasted to the whole world, so there’s no escaping fate.


8. Marvel’s The Avengers

Marvel's The Avengers
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The Marvel movie where the Avengers finally get together deserves a spot on the higher end of the list, for sure. This is where we get to see how everyone works with each other and their dynamic. It is also where the team officially cements themselves in the memory of the world.

Marvel’s The Avengers features the coming together of the six original Avengers in a devastating and epic battle set in New York. We have Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Natasha Romanoff, Thor, and the lesser-known Clint Barton. The movie centers around the Tesseract, Loki, and the Chitauri, a powerful alien species.

Loki manipulates his way through the movie, and the team argues about the Tesseract as well as S.H.I.E.L.D.’s motives, which culminates in an alien vs superhero battle. The movie is entertaining, action-packed, and thrilling, to say the least.


7. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures Releasing.

This new iteration of Spider-Man at the time did ruffle a lot of feathers since fans were already divided between Tobey McGuire’s version and Andrew Garfield’s version. Do we need another one? The answer is yes. Yes, we do. At least to rope the character into the new MCU.

Hence, Homecoming is born. Things are different this time around. We have Tony Stark as Peter Parker’s mentor, a digitized mechanical suit, and Zendaya as MJ. Contrary to previous Spider-Man versions, the movie doesn’t explore Peter Parker’s origin or spider bite at all. It is confirmed in a line or two, but the scene never came around.

Instead, we get a smart high school boy who can’t get his nose out of trouble as he tries to stop petty crime. That petty crime turns out to be something bigger than he can handle, and we are graced with a vengeful villain in a suit known as the Vulture. It’s different, it’s new, and it’s fun.


6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Our favorite band of misfits has to come from somewhere. This Marvel movie resulted in a fun and hilarious adventure about the friends you make along the way. A colorful movie filled with a banging soundtrack and playful characters designed to entertain.

It starts with Peter Quill stealing an orb from an abandoned planet. This leads to a bounty being placed on his head by Yondu and Ronan the Accuser, sending Gamora after him. So now he is wanted by so many people across the universe. Yet along the way, he manages to befriend the bounty hunters who are after him, as well as Gamora and a prisoner named Drax.

From a different angle, you could see it as the Avengers but an alien version set in space rather than on Earth. But, the atmosphere is more entertaining and fun.


5. Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures Releasing.

If we’re being honest, being released right after Eternals does wonders for a film. Not to mention the highly anticipated cameo of the previous Spiderman versions from alternate universes. We’re talking about Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield’s versions of Spiderman, which were both equally beloved.

At the same time, we get to see the villains from those universes make an appearance as well. Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, and even Sandman! There is so much to love aside from these appearances. The movie gives us a better glimpse at what could happen with the multiverse and remains an emotional rollercoaster throughout.

Spider-Man: No Way Home deserves a place up here with the greats. At least for the many gut-wrenching moments that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker has to endure so far (RIP Aunt May). Give the kid a break, please.


4. Iron Man

Iron Man
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures.

The first movie in the MCU deserves a spot in the higher ranks. It introduces us to one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the franchise – Tony Stark himself. Right off the bat, we get a billionaire playboy who gets thrown off the deep end and has to fight for his survival.

He is kidnapped by terrorists who force him to build a missile in a cave with another man. Instead, they build a suit of armor and the arc reactor from scraps and manage to escape from terrorists. Tony returns home forever changed as the sole survivor. Now, he intends to build a suit of armor to combat war and terrorism.

As much as his character is far from lovable in the beginning, his character growth and development provide a good redemption arc. Even if we get a typical corporate villain and a sub-par origin story, there’s much to love, like Pepper giving him open-heart surgery and the phone call to Rhodey to reveal that he’s Iron Man.


3. Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The epic culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe rightly deserves to be ranked this high. We get to witness the end of some characters, the beginning of new ones as well as tons of cameos from beloved characters of the franchise. It feels like a tribute to the movies that came before it and an anticipation of what’s to come.

This Marvel movie is about 3 hours long, but it feels fitting for the numerous action-packed sequences, plotline tie-ups, and fan service. In Avengers: Endgame, the team comes together for one last fight against Thanos and his Infinity Stones to save humankind.

It results in an emotional, impactful, and entertaining movie for old and new fans of the franchise.  Safe to say that it is one of the highest-grossing movies in the world for a reason. Everyone and their mothers flooded the cinemas upon its release.


2. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

If you don’t think that Thor: Ragnarok is one of the best Marvel movies ever released, you’re wrong. Critics and fans alike have cast their agreement on the matter. There’s so much to love in Thor: Ragnarok, which is why it hurts so bad that Thor: Love and Thunder turned out to be a flop.

This time, Thor gets put through the wringer. He loses his hair, his home, and his hammer. All the things that made him who he is get reinvented in a humorous movie. Taika Waititi’s Thor is arguably the best version of Thor out there. Plus, Tessa Thompson is introduced as Valkyrie, Jeff Goldblum is a ruler of a planet, and Taika himself voices a soft-hearted rock.

With battle scenes accompanied by a stellar soundtrack and the iconic ‘Get Help’ scene by Loki and Thor, this is a humorous movie that tops even the Guardians.


1. Black Panther

Black Panther
Photo Credits: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The world before and after Black Panther’s release feels like a different one altogether. Fans and non-fans alike come together to watch the movie’s release. It raised a lot of questions that explore race, power, and social change in the real world. The movie’s cultural impact is felt all over the world.

In the Black Panther, we finally get to witness the glory of Wakanda as T’Challa makes his return after the death of his father. He is set to take the throne but is met with another contender. It looks like his bid for the throne is not going to be an easy one after all. We watch as he tries to gain the favor of his various allies to protect his people and his throne.

The cast of characters is a breath of fresh air, and Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger feels like a rather justified villain. Plus, we get to witness the most melanated cast of people Marvel has ever seen. 

So, do you agree with our Marvel movies rank? It’s okay if you don’t. We all have different opinions, after all. Do let us know how you would rank them in the comments below! If you are new to the MCU, feel free to use this list to reference which movie to watch first.

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8 Controversial Comedies That Could Never Be Made Today


  • Sarah Paul

    I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

Sarah Paul

Written by Sarah Paul

I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

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